Today, Noble welcomes a new Rainbow 6 team to the fold! The squad will be led by Yeti, team captain and in-game leader. Accompanying him will be the following: Heavy – Flex Player Mas – Slayer Acid – Support Rampy – Support Flex Spades – 6th Man The group initially played under the banner of […]

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The version code for this update may be 4.2 but maybe it also represents the magnitude its application will shake up Rainbow Six’s current in game meta.  This update brings updates of all kinds that will impact the game in many ways.  It will feature new equipment for defense and offense alike, weapon buffs, new […]

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August 24, 2016

Noble Enters Rainbow 6

On this day, Noble eSports are very proud to announce that we are jumping into the FPS world again with Rainbow Six Siege. The team of GodKin, Perception, Blood n Glory, RoCCo, HotCakes have secured a spot into the next Pro League season of ESL. Noble Texas, the president of Noble e-Sports, LLC stated this: “We’re extremely […]

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Spring Season Updates
Noble welcomes Phazon!