January 8, 2020

The New Noble!

To Our Noble Fans and Supporters:

My name is Jeremy “Lambzy” Mclamb, and I am a co-founder and former COO of Noble Esports. As of today, I will be coming back to Noble as the new CEO with full control of the organization where I hope to elevate the organization to new heights in 2020.

Back in May of 2015, I originally left Noble for the opportunity to work on some amazing projects such as Simplicity Esports where I previously worked as the General Manager and helped to take the company public on the stock market. My most recent project was Bermuda: the best beach towel brand to ever exist in esports, a.k.a. The Overwatch Contenders team. Close to 5 years later, I come back with experience, growth, and passion to help Noble, as well as the industry, grow to the best it can be. The management team that breathed life into Bermuda will be working alongside with me, and I’m happy to announce that the Contenders team that fans fell in love with will be playing underneath the Noble banner.

This upcoming year, the management team and I hope to showcase our knowledge and our creativity. The work ethic of my staff and players are unrivaled, and we intend to take the competition by storm.

Until then, remember: