Readers, we’d like to welcome you to the first entry in our newest video series! If you’ve been following our content regularly, it’s likely that you are familiar with our Streamer Spotlights. In each post for the Spotlights, we highlight each member of our stream team to present their backgrounds, their approaches to streaming and […]

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April 28, 2017

Twitch Etiquette

It’s been no surprise that with Twitch rolling out all their recent new updates of the past few months (Custom Cheermotes, 1080p Streaming Quality, Twitch Desktop App, Twitch Crates and the Twitch Affiliate Program) that there has been more incentive to begin grinding even more to become a successful streamer on Twitch. In that time […]

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Today, Noble eSports is very proud to announce that they will be and hosting a weekend Charity Streaming Event with Gamechanger. On the weekend of November 11th the Noble Stream Team will be dedicating portions of their streams to raise money for GameChanger. GameChanger’s mission is to leverage technology and innovation to ease the pain and suffering of […]

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The New Noble!
Announcing NPLC Roster for Phase 3