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Smite is releasing the Noblest of Skins!

Within the upcoming weeks, the Noble bundle will be available in Smite world first to PC and then released to the console marketplaces the week after. Included will be a Noble skin for the god of all gods Zeus, also


Noble Welcomes 2017 Roster for Smite!

With 2017 kicking off in full force, Team Noble welcomes our new roster for Smite, the highly acclaimed MOBA title with a huge following in today’s esports… The 2017 Smite roster includes two returning faces from our previous collection of


3.14 Smite Patch Notes

With patch 3.14, came some exciting changes to items such as Death’s Toll, and Cursed gauntlet, along with the new version of power potions. Terra, a new guardian was also added in the game this patch, and she seems incredibly


Patch 3.13 with xLOUx

With patch 3.13, came a lot of item changes and balance changes. Multiple items were reduced in gold cost such as Runeforged hammer, Ancile, and glowing emerald. Though some of the bigger item changes were, nerfs to soul eater, removal of power


LOU’s Insight on Patch 3.11 & Weekly Matches

With the start of week 3, came a new patch, 3.11, which included some interesting changes to items such as mark of the vanguard, executioner, and Soul Reaver and adjustments to gods such as Susano. With the patch hitting a


Noble’s Journey into Xbox One Smite Begins!

As the e-Sports scene move and splinter into different areas so do many of the organizations that support the teams that play. Noble is one of those organizations. Noble took it’s first steps in Smite last year with a challenger