Noble acquires a Rocket League Team

Today, Noble e-Sports, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Team Shazoo (Current Rankings) the Rocket League team to represent them in all future events in the EU and potentially North America.  With the growth of esports as a whole, Rocket League has hit the scene with fire not generally seen from new games in the market space.  The esports community has embraced the game with open arms. Fun, exciting and fast paced, the game has seen great numbers on Steam, and show no signs of slowing down with leagues and casted matches with large tournament organizers such as MLG, ESL, Gfintiy and Rocket Royale

Captain of the team O’neill had this to say about the acquisition “It feels quite incredible honestly, I have always watched esports but never did I think I would get the opportunity to be a professional.gamer myself. It’s an opportunity Noble has given myself and my team that we are going to make the most of!”

The team consists of:

O’neill  – TwitterTwitch

meepS – TwitterTwitch

Skyline – TwitterTwitch

Stocki – TwitterTwitch

Vogan – TwitterTwitch

FreezingWolves – Twitter Twitch

NobleTexas, President of Noble e-Sports, had this to say “I’m extremely pleased that all of you have decided to join our organization/family. We see the potential with Rocket League and are excited to have such an amazing team give us visibility in a fast growing market space.”

Looking forward to great things in the future! #staynoble

Cellena Kent

Cellena Kent

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