Noble Invades Final Round XX!

Team Noble has left its mark on every esports event imaginable, including those held for the fighting game community. With Final Round XX coming up this weekend, we’ve got Atlanta in our sights!

Final Round XX will feature pot bonuses for Mortal Kombat XL and Pokken Tournament, and it will also serve as the first qualifying event for the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour season. These circumstances have prompted players from our FGC roster to sign up for FR in an effort to reap the benefits. The question is, which of our warriors should you be wary of meeting in your bracket?

First up on our list is Noble Dragon. This young man joined our crew near the end of last year and was quick to astound us with his limitless potential. His achievements include Top 8 finishes at a large number of majors including EVO 2016. Formerly a character specialist, he now commands a miniature roster consisting of Kitana, Shinnok and Alien. He will be competing in Mortal Kombat XL for a shot at the $5K pot bonus, but it won’t be a free bonus since his biggest obstacle, Echo Fox SonicFox, has been confirmed to attend the event. The history between the two showcases a one-sided record for the Fox, but the Dragon has never been more determined to finish the job.

Twitter: Dragon_FGC

Next is Noble iLuusions from the Netherrealm scene. Originally a formidable Green Arrow specialist from the days of Injustice 1, he has begun to make his mark in competitive MKXL. His myriad of character choices is unusual yet highly effective, as it has led him to place in a staggering number of Top 8s online and offline. His style is unorthodox and hard to decipher, a factor that aids in his ability to be unpredictable. Recently he has been turning heads with his mastery of Sorcerer Quan Chi by taking advantage of an under-utilized tool in the character’s arsenal: a rune attack that drains the opponent’s meter thereby limiting their options. When mixed into blockstrings, it creates a truly ambiguous offense for iLuusions to play with. As he’s considered a wild card by the NRS scene, one can never truly know what to expect from this beast. We’ll be looking forward to his MKXL matches at Final Round.

Twitter: Noble iLuusions

Then you have Noble Tweedy, one of eight players who can boast about winning his way into the Kombat Cup Season 1 Finale where he placed fifth, and he remains among the top contenders for Season 2. His Tarkatan Alien came onto the map during TCW 2016, though a patch came quickly after the event. Given the severity of Alien’s changes, Tweedy made a switch to Possessed Kenshi, a character that had risen from the bottom of the barrel to become a thorn in everybody’s sides. He recently took the big win at Naptown Clutch last month, but his thirst for competition has yet to be satisfied. As one of the biggest lab monsters since MKX’s release, Tweedy has left a trail of destruction in his wake. Final Round will know no respite from this young man.

Twitter: Noble Tweedy

Although Noble Knomad is not a part of the MKX division, he plans to take his skills to not one, but five games at Final Round: MKXL, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Brawlhalla and the For Honor team tournament. With Final Round being a part of the Capcom Pro Tour, Knomad is going to have his hands full for the whole weekend, but he welcomes this grind. The Noble team welcomed him into our ranks after the conclusion of EVO 2016, where the Street Fighter V finals were broadcast to the world through the ESPN2 network. To him it doesn’t matter what the fighting game is called, he’s always willing to get behind the sticks and invest into a strenuous grind to improve his skills. So for someone like him, 2017 is going to be quite a huge year, especially with Red Bull Proving Grounds making its return to the Street Fighter V scene and with Injustice 2 just around the corner. To learn more about his interest in the FGC, check out this interview from the Gaming Illuminaughty YouTube channel.

Twitter: Noble Knomad

Final Round will be celebrating Pokken Tournament for the second year in a row, so Noble TeeJay will be paying a visit to join in on the festivities! With a $500 pot bonus up for grabs, TeeJay has undergone a training regimen to ensure his trademark Sceptile will be more than ready for the opposition. His inclusion into the Noble family marked our first step into the competitive realm of Pokken. He qualified into the Pokken Tournament World Championships last year through a high placing on the North American leaderboards, a result aided by his second-place finish at CEO 2016 and his big win at the St. Louis Showdown. TeeJay is undoubtedly one of the big dogs to watch for, especially when you consider EVO’s promise to contribute $10K to the Pokken scene as a nod towards their incredible efforts during the EVO Player’s Choice donation drive. Good luck, TeeJay!

Twitter: Noble TeeJay

Who else to watch for? How about Noble Vagabond from our Street Fighter V division?! Originally a Necalli specialist, the arrival of SFV Season 2 would bring Akuma into the game’s roster, and Vagabond would immediately take interest in the villainous brawler. It is unclear if he plans to keep Necalli in his roster, but we’ve seen the fruits of his training with Akuma and we can assure you that it’s a force to be reckoned with. As one of the first players to be welcome into our SFV division, Vagabond is recognized for a symbolic fifth place finish after his victory over Daigo Umehara at last year’s Red Bull Battlegrounds event, a 17th place result at CEO 2016 where he eliminated Echo Fox’s Julio Fuentes, and a 4th place finish following his victory against F3 Alucard. Could we possibly see a member of our Noble family qualify for Capcom Cup 2017?! We think so!

Twitter: Vagabond_FGC

Of course, Vagabond is not the only threat SFV players will have to watch out for, because Noble Nightmare245o will also be present at Final Round to feed warriors’ souls to Necalli. In spite of Necalli’s S2 nerfs, Nightmare has been leaving opponents unwilling to sleep at night. 😉 His slow yet calculated playstyle always creates hesitation within his opponents. He credits his good fortune to his training partners Kyle P and Dickson, as well as the FGC scenes from Seattle and Vancouver. His adventures have taken him to events such as Genesis 4, a luxurious event for the Smash community as a whole, and now his road will take him through Atlanta where he will attempt to win his way into the Capcom Cup bracket. Can he pull it off?!

Twitter: Noble Nightmare2450

Look for these seven competitors in Atlanta this weekend as they compete at Final Round XX! The event will last from this Friday to Sunday at the Georgia International Convention Center. See this post from the official FR Twitter account to learn of the schedule the event will follow. Streams will be spread out across multiple channels for multiple games.

Stay Noble!

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