Noble Esports was founded in 2014, since then it has become one of the sought out esports organization globally. It has become one of the leading esports and gaming venture across the globe, renowned for hosting major esports tournaments. Championships and Leagues and the popularity was seen across India as well.

Not only are we bringing a fresh and unique look to Noble, we also have new minds to help realize our ambitious vision. In this new era of our history, we hope to redefine the Noble values and elevate the standards of our organization and community.

Who We Are

We Are Professional Team eSport.

Noble is an esports and media organization fielding top-tier teams and streamers, producing high-quality content, and hosting community-based events. We strive to uphold our values of acceptance, growth, and competitive integrity. Our goal is to resonate with gamers all over the world.

  • SINCERE: Free from pretense or deceit; Proceeding from genuine feelings.
  • DYNAMIC: Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
  • WITTY: Marked by or full of clever humor or wit.
  • CONFIDENT: Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured.
  • MISCHIEVOUS: Causing or showing a fondness for
    causing trouble in a playful way.
Our Leader Team
Edel Noble Esports


Our Gaming Style Guide

Our Muse

Meet Edel, our pride and joy. She is Noble’s mascot, muse, and source of inspiration.

Our Leader Team

Kyle McDougal


Cory Carruth


Alex Ames


Awesome Player & Prestigious.

Our Team consists of passionate men and elite  human. We all are avid Gamers and love to watch and enjoy online games and Esports.


What we've done.

Since 2015, from League of Legends, Rocket League, Dota, Valorant, PUBG Mobile, Freefire, our teams have won awards and we’re not stopping here! Check out all of our conquests and relive the moments!

We now not only have the stream team but have founded our gaming community and competitive teams across multiple games and platforms. While we are proud of our achievements, the Noble Family values our fans, members, players, owners, partners, and Staff.

Support By

Partner Support

We are proud to be working with the best platforms in the world. We hold a strong belief that the foundation of any successful endeavor always begins with the right people that support it.

We work closely and collaboratively with our partners to provide the ultimate esports entertainment experience for all. We implement a wide range of ideas and creative solutions during partner activations that share our partners’ vision, tone, and commitment to high-quality experiences.