August 20, 2016

1 on 1 with Noble TeeJay

TeeJay (Tevin Stoke) is the newest member of the Noble e-Sports, LLC FGC Stable, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t experienced . We recently had a chance to sit down with him and ask some questions on where he sees himself in the scene, and where the FGC is going in his opinion.

Noble: Is Pokken the first FGC title you have played professionally?

TeeJay: Yes Pokken is the first game I became “pro” in. Before Pokken though, I’ve played Smash 4 for about a year. Smash was important because that’s where I learned majority of my core fighting game fundamentals. I’ve learned from my mistakes in smash 4 and corrected them when I started playing Pokken!


Noble: What Character do you main in Pokken?

TeeJay: I main Sceptile


Noble: What are your thoughts on the current landscape of the FGC today?

TeeJay: I feel that the FGC scene is definitely growing and has been making some tremendous strides lately. Street fighter 5 being on ESPN during EVO was really exciting to see! That really gives me hope that the FGC will grow larger with time.


Noble: What do you think you can achieve in the Pokken Scene?

TeeJay: I plan to use every ounce of skill that was beaten into me to become the best player I can be. Now that I know how to directly improve on my weaknesses I can confidently say that I have the potential to be great in any game I play!


Noble: Who do you feel is the biggest opponent at Worlds?

TeeJay: First of all let me say this Tournament is stacked so everyone has the potential to send you home. I have to be on point for every single match ahead of me so I’m going to have to stay 100% focused the entire tournament, but I will say my top two biggest opponents are  Suicunemaster because he’s beaten me at CEO and Pokemon Nationals.

Other then that I feel that Suicunemaster is just a genius in the fact that he’s able to see the bigger picture of the game. Also, Azazel is an Amazing Japanese Machamp player. The Machamp vs Sceptile matchup is pretty rough because as Sceptile, it’s hard to keep up with Machamp’s Damage output. You can be in the lead the whole match but if you guess wrong twice your health will be about even or you’re dead. So I have to be careful with my decision making. However, with all that being said I’m confident that can perform well against anyone. One thing about me is that my weaknesses don’t stay weaknesses for long! Let’s go!!!


Noble: Are you looking at any other titles to compete in other then Pokken?

TeeJay: I’m not looking to play any other game to the moment. But if any other fighting games come out that I genuinely enjoy I’ll definitely hop on it! But until then I’m going to stick with Pokken!


Noble: What do you like to do besides competitive play?

TeeJay: I like to discuss character ideas to my close group of friends. We like to work on creating comic book character concepts just for the fun of it. With this concept we commission our favorite artist to draw our original characters. That’s probably my favorite pass time when I’m not gaming. It’s really fun to create new things!

You can find TeeJay’s creation and on Twitter