July 13, 2016

One on One with iLuusions

We were able to get a quick word in with Noble iLuusions before he started the travels to Evo.


Q: How ready are you for Evo? How do you prepare?

A: Evo last year, was my first real major for me where I wasn’t as good as I am now, which is completely ready and cannot wait until it happens. I prepare for Evo is too honestly continue to play online prior with consistent and potential match up labbing that I know I could be going up against.


Q. Are there any match-ups that you are nervous about?

A: At this point I feel like I’ve played a lot of match ups so I’m not gonna be surprised whatever the match-up I have to deal with is. I also use most of the cast so I know the frame data very well.


Q. Who finishes Top 8 in MKXL at Evo?

A: For the Top 8. I would love for all Noble to make it of course and some staples, unless there are upsets. I believe cR Sonicfox could be there along with players like PXP A Foxy Grampa, EVB Dragon, a couple YOMI and a some surprises as usual. And Noble Raptor as well, never missing a top 8 in all the majors he’s been to. Those are favorites to be in top 8 most definitely. Being first to 2 means anything can happen though, so I could be completely wrong. And of course I will do my best to place Top 8.


Follow along this weekend as and the rest of Noble FGC battle their ways through the biggest tournament of the year. Also the Noble twitter () will be live tweeting results and photos from the event. More information about Evo can be found HERE