July 15, 2016

One on One with Raptor

Weiminh aka “Noble Raptor” gave us a minute of his time right after he arrived at Evo for the weekend. We asked him the same questions as others.


Q: How ready are you for Evo? How do you prepare?

A: This will be my first EVO and it will be the biggest tournament I’ve ever entered so I’m a little nervous going in. I’ve been preparing by going into the lab and studying match-ups as well as playing with my local scene.


Q. Are there any match-ups that you are nervous about?

A: The match-ups I need to look out for are the top tier characters such as Alien, Mileena, and Sonya. These characters dominate MKXL so it’s going to be tough if I run into one of them.


Q. Who finishes Top 8 in MKXL at Evo?

A:  I’m expecting Sonic, Foxy, and Dragon to make Top 8 because they are the absolute best players in the scene. With the tournament being 2/3 I’m sure there will be a lot of upsets at EVO. I am hoping to make Top 8 myself since, I’ve made Top 8 at every other tournament I’ve been to for MKXL.


Tag along with this weekend as the Noble FGC battle through the largest tournament of the year.  Also the Noble twitter () will be live tweeting results and photos from the event.

More information about Evo can be found HERE