July 14, 2016

One on One with Beyond Toxin

As Juan “Beyond Toxin” was getting ready for Evo, we asked he a few questions before the travel process began.


Q: How ready are you for Evo? How do you prepare?

A: I’m pumped and excited my first EVO ever! And this energy and excitement I just honestly cant wait. My main goal is to get top 8 and have fun! I have never been to Vegas so this should be a great experience. Season 3 ESL finals was a great experience and I hope Evo can surpass that.


Q. Are there any match-ups that you are nervous about?

A: Not nervous at all. Keep cool and I should be fine! I finally learned that I am my worst enemy when it comes to tournaments. When I start to second guess myself and respect my opponent to much, I tend to lose those sets. So as long as I stay cool and have the momentum on my side I should be fine.


Q. Who finishes Top 8 in MKXL at Evo?

A: Top 8? Me and my Noble brothers and anyone else who is worthy enough!!! I have yet to break a Top 8 in MKXL so that is my main goal from now on. No more Top 16’s or Top 32’s from now on its Top 8’s


Tag along with this weekend as the Noble FGC battle through the largest tournament of the year.  Also the Noble twitter () will be live tweeting results and photos from the event. More information about Evo can be found HERE