September 5, 2019

Announcing NPLC Roster for Phase 3

As PUBG Corp’s esports division prepares to resume with the NPLC this weekend (National PUBG League Contenders), Noble would like to take this opportunity to announce its updated lineup.

Since Gamescom 2017, Noble is the first organization to have signed a full lineup for PUBG. Of course, players come and go over the years, and it was no different in our case. Most recently, we bid farewell to two of our longstanding PUBG veterans who have contributed much to us over the last two years: Boom and Edakulous.

However, before taking his leave, Edakulous lingered long enough to invest his input into the construction of a new PUBG lineup. The full roster is as follows:


  • Fudge – Noble Veteran
  • Caden
  • Duckk
  • Honeybadger
  • Airmid – Team Manager


Noble welcomes its new players with open arms, and we are eager to take part in the next chapter waiting to be added to our archives of history.

We proudly watched as our PUBG players underwent intense training regimens to achieve similar results as they traversed the entire globe to hold their own against crews who were no less formidable. Already they have begun to leave scorch marks upon the opposition in the 2019 season for PUBG Esports, and the new team is ready to continue that streak this weekend.

The season is divided into the mainstream league for the NPL (National PUBG League) and the NPLC Contenders. The overall league consists of four segments: phases, mid-season events, the NPL Royale and Relegations, and finally the Global Championships in November. The first three are scheduled to last until October, which is just around the corner.

Each phase in the NPLC consists of four weekly brackets and two relegation brackets (one apiece for the NPLC and the NPL).

Each week, sixteen teams will battle it out in an attempt to secure themselves a slot in the mainstream NPL for the following week. The six teams that finish in the lower half of the standings will be at risk of relegation, whereas the top six winners will qualify for the NPL.

Noble hopes to achieve this goal so that they can make the journey to California to stand alongside thirty-one other teams at the finals of the PUBG Global Championship, which will be held at the OGN Super Arena in Los Angeles next month. A base prize pool of $2,000,000 USD will be split across the champions at the finals.

I’ve been with the Noble roster PUBG since it’s inception,” said Airmid when asked about her thoughts on the organization’s journey through PUBG esports. “I’ve watched many players follow their dreams into a professional career in esports. It’s a tough gig with lots of challenges and revolving doors, but the rewards are worth it. I’m proud of what these four are already working towards with NPLC and NPL and feel certain they will find their way back to California for relegation into NPL at the very top!”

Similarly, we reached out to both Fudge and the newer additions to our team for their input on what they expect from themselves going into the NLPC, as well as some insight on their history with the game.

“My pro career started in the NPL pre season with Noble,” Fudge began. “Securing our NPL spot in qualifiers was one of our most intense moments. Since then, we’ve had some highs and lows, but this team going into NPLC has the most potential making it back into NPL. Also, best bolter, NA.”

The last line elicited lighthearted chuckles from the crew.

“After starting with NV in October 2017 into Phase 1 of NPL, my PUBG pro career included a team slot on The Rumblers and Wildcard in Phases 1 and 2 of NPL and NPLC,” Caden spoke, enthusiasm bleeding from every word. “Being with Noble and this team meshes well. We’re good enough to win NPLC and find our way back into NPL next year! Also…can someone take my juul away please?”

Duckk was next in line to lay out his resume for all to read up on:

“PUBG is my first PC game ever. I played soccer at the semi pro level before pubg, which I started playing professionally in the first Showdown Series season. First pro team was Ronin Esports, making it to the 1st LAN IEM Oakland and placing 11th out of 20.”

When asked about how highly he regards their chances at sweeping through the PUBG circuit this year, Duckk responded, “I think this team is definitely good enough to compete at the highest level, and Phase 3 will show that.”

Finally, HoneyBadger came forward with his account on his involvement with PUBG:

“I started playing PUBG casually in early access and I became hooked instantly,” he stated. “I got onto my first team back in the winter of 2018 after deciding to compete: Guardians Gaming. We went on to make Auzom Pro League, PUBG Contenders, and GLL Season 1, after which we were acquired by WorldBestGaming.”

“Going into phase 3, I’m feeling incredibly confident in our ability to perform,” HoneyBadger went on while flicking a glance towards his team, his expression a portrait of pride. “Our mentality and fragging power is what sets us apart from most teams at this level. We tried to build a roster that could ride the high moments with ease and take the punches when things get tough, and I really feel we’ve achieved that. Excited to see where we go!”

As for what exactly fueled his interest in PUBG?

“I started my PC gaming on DayZ and played that until the early access phase of PUBG released, at which point I managed to total over 5,000 hours played. I love meeting new people and I RP across various games in my spare time.”

We sincerely wish our players all the best as they prepare for Phase 3 of the NPLC this weekend! If you would like to follow them on their endeavors, simply give our social media a follow! We make it a point to share our results as they are accrued.

Furthermore, all information pertaining to the National PUBG League can be found at their official website at


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