April 27, 2018

Entering the Battlerite Pro League!

Earlier this month, Twitch partnered with Nexon and Stunlock Studios to launch the first season of the Battlerite Pro League!

The season will run across four regions simultaneously: North America, South America, Europe and Korea. Each region will feature up to eight players participating for their share of an $80,000 prize pool. These teams would be decided via a series of open qualifiers that took place over the course of the past three weeks. Just last week, the teams for all four regions were locked in.

It’s a pleasure to announce that one of the North American teams, originally known as “Wasted Potential,” will be representing Noble in the NA division of the Battlerite Pro League! Our roster consists of the following players: Luke, Nards, Whuh?, and NumbNuts as the sub.

The Pro League will last for up to five weeks, beginning this weekend (April 28-29) and lasting until the end of May. In each weekly bracket, teams of four players will be participating against one another in an effort to stay at the top of the rankings. Once the final bracket comes to a close, the top two teams of each region will be welcomed to a LAN finale (location is not yet specified) to participate on-stage for their share of $25,000!

In addition, the final standings of the Pro League will determine which teams will proceed to a second season and which will be relegated.

All of the Battlerite Pro League will be broadcast live at www.twitch.tv/battlerite, so be sure to follow the channel if you’re looking to support our players as they take on the competition! Also, visit www.bpl.gg and/or follow on Twitter for further updates concerning the Pro League.

What is Battlerite? It is a free-to-play multiplayer game, developed by Stunlock Studios, that combines elements from shooting games and fighting games to create a fast-paced team brawler where players’ reactions are pushed to their limits! Development for the game started back in 2016, and the official version launched on Steam a year later. If you’d like to give it a go for yourself, head to this page to download the game!

Noble is incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity for the Battlerite community! If you share in our excitement, you can support our players by following their social media below.


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