July 11, 2016

Ryo joins Noble and reunites with Sol for #TeamBlacknBlue

Today Noble e-Sports, LLC has the pleasure of announcing that we have included a new player to the ever growing FGC stable that we have been establishing over the last few months. Everyone please Welcome Tommy Janky, Noble Ryo () to our Sm4sh Division!

Many of you probably know of Ryo as a long time teammate of our very own Noble Sol (). Thanks to Sol and the conversations we have had educating the organization on the Sm4sh scene it was extremely fortunate timing the Ryo was no longer with his former organization and wanted to really bring back the “Duo” that they have been known as for some time, Team BlackNBlue.

Noble Sol had this to say – “Ryo is my mentor. He brought me into this game and I wouldn’t be here without him. To fight alongside one of my greatest friends is an honor and a privilege. It’s an opportunity not just for us, but for our community and our competitive scene to grow and prosper. It’s time to cement Team Black N’ Blue in the Halls of Sm4sh History.”

Ryo has had some amazing placements and looking to the future creating an impact not only in singles play but doubles as well, The Team of BlackNBlue will have a number of chances to compete on a National Stage. Moving forward there are events both will be attending under the Noble brand and are expected to have some extremely memorable matches.

“We are lucky to have such amazing people part of the organization, and thanks to Sol recommendation, we have been offered an opportunity to work with another talented person that has a great attitude and understanding of his space, we expect great things from the Duo and can’t wait to see what the future holds” – Noble Recon – Founder Noble e-Sports, LLC

• 9th / 192 @Eaglelan 2016, Ft. Myers, Florida. April 23, 2016
• 2nd / 162 @Fusion 3, Atlanta, Georgia. April 16, 2016
• 17th/ 349 @ 2GG Fresh Saga, Los Angeles, California. May 7th, 2016
• 65th/ 906 @ CEO 2016 Orlando, Florida. June 24 – 26, 2016*
• 9th / 219 @Tampa Never Sleeps 6, Tampa, Florida. February 27-28, 2016
• 65th / 1096 @Genesis 3, San Jose, California. January 15-17, 2016*
• 9th / 136 @Frame Perfect, Orlando, Florida. November 21, 2015
• 7th / 392 @ Smash the Record 2015, Orlando, Florida. October 23-25, 2015
• 7th / 152 @ MLG 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana. October 16-18, 2015*
• 17th / 512 @ The Big House 5, Dearborn, Michigan. October 2-4, 2015*
• 33rd / 512 @ CEO 2015, Orlando, Florida. June 26-28, 2015*
• 5th / 155 @ Tampa Never Sleeps: May Edition, Tampa, Florida. May 31, 2015
• 9th / 256 @ Paragon: Orlando, Orlando, Florida. January 17-18, 2015*
*National Status

Be on the lookup for some Dual Stream action in the coming weeks on Sol’s Twitch channel and give them as follow on Twitter!