January 29, 2017

Dragon and Tweedy Locked In For Kombat Cup Season 1 Finale!

Kombat Cup rankings can be found here – https://smash.gg/kombat-cup-circuit/standings/tournament/4568

Team Noble is overjoyed to announce that two of our finest Mortal Kombat representatives have been locked in for the league’s Season 1 finale on January 29th!

One of those players is Noble Dragon, a young buck with irrepressible talent in NRS games! Fresh off a second place finish at Kumite in Tennessee 2017, Dragon has made Top 8 appearances in almost every week of the Kombat Cup! Formerly a Tarkatan Alien specialist, his roster has expanded to include Shinnok and Kitana with all of their variations. His ability to adapt to opponents on the dot has never failed to amaze everybody watching his domination. He is one of the team’s recent acquisitions and he’s fit right into our family for not just his skill level, but also his social demeanor and his studious nature. We are proud of this young man for how far he has come!

Our other player who has qualified for the season finale is also a recent addition to the team – Noble Tweedy. Just like Dragon, he was known to be a Tarkatan Alien specialist who subjected the Mortal Kombat X online scene to his tyranny of full-screen normals and delayed rekkas, but it would not be until right before the October patch that he’d finally make his offline debut, and WHAT a debut it was, as he’d finished in fifth place at The Commonwealth 2. Throughout the Kombat Cup, his mastery of Possessed Kenshi reached a godlike level. Many opponents have been left moaning about Tweedy’s endless offense with a character that players believed was once more suitable for zoning. He didn’t make as many Top 8 appearances as Dragon did, but he’s been a consistent face nonetheless, and his points were further boosted by his participation in the Konquest series. We salute this guy for always holding on to the desire to overcome the competition, as it has taken him right into the Season Finale!

This Sunday, tune in to the Kombat Cup Season Finale at 6 P.M. EST to watch eight kombatants slug it out for the right to be crowned the Season 1 Champion! For a glimpse of what is to come, check out the bracket below.

It is saddening that Noble must commit a team kill in the quarterfinals, but one way or another, Tweedy and Dragon will return this Sunday to send off the Kombat Cup with a bang!

It also pleases us to acknowledge that due to its success, the Kombat Cup circuit will be giving us a second season to play through! And as you can expect, Team Noble’s MKX players will return to wreak havoc!

Good luck to Dragon and Tweedy, and we will see all of you this weekend!