May 7, 2017

Dragon, Tweedy and iLuusions have qualified for the Kombat Cup Season 2 Finale!

We at Team Noble are proud to announce that three of our Mortal Kombat XL players have qualified for the Season 2 finale of Stream.Me’s Kombat Cup!

The first of the three is Noble Dragon, who’d previously qualified for the Season 1 finale back in January. He finished there in second place, losing only to Echo Fox SonicFox’s Sektor. With a second season on the horizon, he wasted no time preparing himself to run through the twelve-week league and climb through the rankings. Out of twelve weeks, Dragon claimed victory in Weeks 4 and 11 with well-earned victories over two of his rivals, SonicFox and Tweedy. He’s also established consistent showings in Top 8 throughout most of the league, if not all of it. But with his recent victories against the Fox, as well as the fact that he will be seeded higher than Sonic in the finale as opposed to Season 1, we have confidence that Dragon could emerge victorious in Season 2!

For those who missed out, Dragon defeated Sonic in KC Week 4 online. He would add to his triumph by taking Winner’s Finals against the Fox in the Top 8 for Final Round XX, which had a $5,000 pot bonus at stake. Check out the video below to relive the hype!

Note: Skip to 1:19:10 for Dragon vs. SonicFox.

Next in line is Noble Tweedy, also a returning player from Kombat Cup’s Season 1 finale. Since the beginning of the first season, he’s had an on-and-off streak of sorts, doing well for one instance before struggling again the next. However, his gradual improvement led him to blow out the Konquest series, which gave him enough points to boost his rankings enough for a spot in the finale. He finished in fifth place, but with a second season coming, his resolve to improve knew no bounds. Before we knew it, he was dominating so well in the mandatory brackets that he no longer needed to participate in Konquest (although he did so in the rare occasions where he failed to make it into a Top 8 for the Kombat Cup). After suffering a losing streak at the hands of Noble Dragon, he finally defeated him in Week 9’s Grand Finals to become the champion. You can relive his triumph by watching their match right now!

Finally, Noble’s third addition to the Season 2 finale is perhaps one of the most hard-working players to ever have the pleasure of being a competitor – Noble iLuusions! While he is typically known to expand upon a library of underused characters (or variations), he chose to devote the majority of his effort towards his Sorcerer Quan Chi. Such a decision propelled him to the Grand Finals of a handful of KC Season 2 brackets as well as Top 8s at offline majors such as Kumite in Tennessee and Final Round XX. He was also a consistent regular in the first season, but he didn’t quite make as many Top 8s and therefore did not have enough points for the finale. We can definitely say that his results have seen a tremendous improvement, both in Season 2 and offline tournaments! In fact, while he has to defeat SonicFox, he is one of the few to come within an inch of victory.

He now goes into the Season 2 finale as a threat to the remainder of the bracket. As a demonstration of his ability, we encourage you to check out his match against InC yungmonster from Week 10’s Top 8!

We’ll admit, one of our not-so-fond memories of the Season 1 finale is that our two champions, Dragon and Tweedy, had to face off against one another right away in the first round. Fortunately, that will not be the case for Season 2! See below for a preview of what is to come in tomorrow’s final showdown at the Kombat Cup…

The runbacks are at an all-time high! Tweedy seeks revenge against Rewind after his previous loss, iLuusions gets yet another opportunity to skin the Fox and yungmonster will finally have his runback with Dragon! Who will triumph…and who will fall?!

We wish our Noble family the best of luck for tomorrow! If you’d like to support our players, tune in to the Kombat Cup on Stream.Me tomorrow evening at 6 P.M.

We’d like to graciously thank Stream.Me for hosting an amazing league for the Mortal Kombat XL community. We at Team Noble have enjoyed each and every second of it!