July 22, 2016

Eevee Evolution and how to get the version you want!

The world has been taken by storm with the  and a number of us at Noble are also sharing in the fun.  In the next coming weeks we will be sharing tips, tricks and everything we learn about the game internally and from outside sources.  Earlier this week we released a safety article, written by our very our , we will continue putting out information as we get it.

Thanks to outlets such as  ,, and through our own testing  Eevee can evolve into 3 different types, Fire, Water, Electricity.  To get the Jolteon Eevee name it Sparky, to get the Flareon name it Pyro and for the Vaporeon name it Rainer.  Why name it those? Well it relates back to the original show when Ash and company meet up with a group of Eevee brothers, each with their own version of Eevee in Season 1, .

The other night to prove the theory we actually tried it out on 2 different accounts.  We named one Pyro and the other Rainer.  To our delight it WORKED! we received the corresponding Flareon and Vaporeon. Please be careful with the candy that you spend as it takes 25 to evolve into its final form, and Eevee’s (at least in my neighborhood) are hard to come by. As a disclaimer, we do not guarantee this will happen, but from what we have seen and tested ourselves it seems pretty legit.

Again we will be updating you with more news as it’s available from our group and other outlets.

Happy Hunting! and #StayNoble

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