July 13, 2017

Noble heads to EVO 2017 in full force!

Are you ready for EVO?! Team Noble certainly is!
It’s been a long but amazing year for our crew. As the weekend draws near, we’d like to highlight the players that will be in attendance. For those who may not be informed on the subject, EVO is regarded as a celebration of the fighting game genre and as the community’s annual championship event. The games get real at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay this weekend, starting this Friday.

With the knowledge that the SFV Top 8 will be on TV once again, who’d be excited to see Noble’s players make it into the finals?! Vagabond and Nightmare, two known Necalli specialists from the Street Fighter community, will be taking part in a series of brackets totaling 2,622 players! Both finished in the upper levels of CEO 2017’s SFV brackets, which featured almost seven-hundred players participating for a spot in this year’s Capcom Cup finals! Additionally, Vagabond claimed 7th place at Northern Fights, a high-quality competition in Canada for which sixteen players would qualify to play for a chance at cash prizes and a trip to EVO!

As EVO 2017 is considered to be one of the gemstones of the Capcom Pro Tour, you can certainly be assured that our players have trained non-stop for such an occasion. Even after EVO’s conclusion, the journey to the Capcom Cup will continue. Please support our players by giving them a follow at their Twitter!  

Of course, EVO is a keystone event for quite a number of circuits in addition to the Capcom Pro Tour…take, for example, the Injustice 2 Pro Series. Should any player that enters Injustice 2 achieve a placing that is high enough, he/she would earn league points that would go towards finalizing a Top 16. This selection of players will proceed into the Pro Series Finals for the chance to become the Injustice 2 World Champion. For more information on the Pro Series, please visit their official website.

Are you ready for what’s next? Approximately nine-hundred players will compete at EVO to earn not only league points but a portion of a $50,000 pot bonus provided by Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios!

For the past two majors (Combo Breaker and EVO), a large portion of our Injustice 2 division bulldozed their way into the finals to get into the money as well as their share of the glory. For EVO, almost all of the group will be in attendance to either add to their triumphs or improve upon their results. A solid example is Noble Semiij, who is currently the three-time champion for StreamMe’s War of the Gods series, arguable the best Catwoman player, Semiij’s confidence is at an all-time high. Follow Semiij via twitter 

Accompanying Semiij is Noble Dragon, who has successfully broken into the Top 8 finals twice in a row at Combo Breaker and CEO, all while continuously appearing in similar brackets for War of the Gods. In fact, he has yet to miss a single Top 8 in…anything! Originally a Poison Ivy enthusiast, he has pledged his allegiance to Atlantis and is now a full-time Aquaman player. You can follow Ryan on twitter 


Next in line is Noble iLuusions. He remains as attached to Green Arrow as he was in Injustice 1, but he has since expanded his team with other characters such as Batman and – brace yourself – Cyborg! Lately he’s been harassing Aquaman players a great deal with the cybernetic Teen Titan, as Dragon can certainly attest to. His 13th place finish at Combo Breaker would immediately be followed by a climb up the ladder to 5th place after coming within an inch of victory over Echo Fox Theo. Luu might have other pocket characters ready for EVO, none of which we know about…Keep up with him 

Coming all the way from Florida is none other than Noble BeyondToxin, a Scarecrow specialist who recently made his first appearance in a Top 8 bracket for StreamMe’s War of the Gods! His experience at CEO has served to widen his perceptions of possibilities with Injustice 2’s meta, and this has provided a positive impact on his performance. Like many of our players, Toxin exhibits an admirable work ethic that few can hope to match. 

Finally, we have Noble Pig of the Hut making his return to the arena after his appearance at Combo Breaker. He’d experienced a rough loss to Jeremiah’s Aquaman in his first match there, but the Pig’s passion would consume him, raising his power levels so high that all of his opponents in Loser’s Bracket were unable to withstand him. It took DR Gross’s Green Lantern (or White Lantern?) to put an end to his rampage. Pig quickly disappeared into the lab once Combo Breaker came to an end, solely to practice for EVO while making his debut in Atlanta’s brackets for Hometown Heroes. While he seems to have a preference for Atrocitus, who knows what other “Pig Tricks” (a term coined since his MK9 days) he has up his sleeve?! We’re certainly excited to see them! 

Oh, but wait…we’re not done yet! While Smash 4 is not tied to any league at EVO, it remains part of the trio of games that boast consistently amazing turnouts (although the trio has become a “quartet” this year since Tekken will see its first year with over a thousand entrants). With 1,515 players injected into its brackets, Smash 4 boasts the second-highest turnout with Melee following behind by eighty entrants. While both games will share the stage at Mandalay Bay unlike last year, the younger sibling will be part of the closing lineup on Sunday while Melee will conclude on Saturday.

Noble will be throwing majority of it’s Smash 4 division over to Las Vegas for the weekend! Look out for these guys: Noble Sol, Manny & Hackoru




If you haven’t caught up on their results at CEO, you can read this article for the full scoop. Make sure you also follow their Twitter and Twitch pages and send ’em a message expressing your support for their journey to EVO!   

We at Team Noble truly appreciate the commitment displayed by all of our players. We constantly strive to deliver increased quality in all aspects of esports, including our results. If you will be joining us in Vegas this weekend, we encourage you to approach us, whether it’s for games or a meet-and-greet!

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