July 20, 2017

Noble’s Results at Evolution 2017

Another year for EVO is behind us.

With ten players competing across a third of the lineup, the crew lived through its greatest chapter yet in Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay. We’re very excited to share the results with our readers so let’s not delay any longer!

First, our duo of Necalli specialists – Vagabond and Nightmare – survived the first day of pools to see the light of Saturday. With around 2,600 players battling for their time on the EVO stage, the two had their work cut out for them. Nightmare’s streak of bad luck cost him his set with Chris Nguyen the second he emerged from his first pool. Nightmare faced off against Alpha Radiowave for a chance at redemption, but ultimately fell short. Thus, out of thousands of players, Nightmare finished at 193rd.

Vagabond came within an inch of qualifying for the SFV semifinals at EVO after defeating Moss HD and Pnoy, but he was gate-kept by Itabashi, who proceeded to qualify for the SFV finals later that night. With no answer to one of Japan’s best Zangief’s, Vagabond had a second chance to make a recovery in Loser’s Finals. Pnoy survived his pool to meet Vagabond for a chance at a runback. Their set was fierce and extensive, but Pnoy overcame the mental tug o’ war to earn his vengeance and proceed to the semifinals. Vagabond finished at 65th after an incredibly solid performance. Footage for all SFV matches at EVO 2017, Top 8 included, can be found at the .

Both Smash Melee and Smash Wii-U saw a turn-out that was almost as impressive, with 1,515 players for the latter and 1,435 for the former. Unlike last year, Melee would reach its conclusion on Saturday evening while the finals for Smash Wii-U would be showcased on Disney XD at the World Stage.

One of our players came incredibly close to seizing such an opportunity, specifically Noble Manny from Florida. His trek through pools went smoothly until he encountered the ARMS Saga champion, RNG Dabuz, in the second phase of pools. Manny took the fall, but due to the victory condition for advancing through pools, he proceeded to semifinals from the Loser’s side. Despite the setback, Manny could still smell his slot in the World Finals, especially when he found himself right inside the Top 16. Unfortunately, his run came to an end due to the efforts of Yatta Gami JK, leaving him at 13th place. With the quality of competition seen at EVO, we consider this one of his best placings yet, and we remain enthusiastic over what his future as a competitor will bring!

Noble Sol went off to a rough start in his first pool, but managed to swim through while in Loser’s. In the second phase, he took pu55yk1ng and ReDux down with him before succumbing to TA saj’s impressive skill level. Meanwhile, Hackoru, who’d shared Manny’s pool, sought to escape on the Winner’s side as well, but he met his match against Haz in Winner’s Finals. He quickly recovered after a victory over HI5 in Loser’s Finals of his first pool. His streak continued with victories over NXT Kswz, Bloodcross and Smerky, bringing him close to Loser’s Finals of his second pool. However, K9sbruce proved to be quite the obstacle for Hackoru. Despite his efforts, Hackoru tied with Vagabond for 65th.

To catch up with the pools and semifinals for Smash Wii-U, as well as the World Finals, see the Twitch archives listed below:

Smash Wii-U Pools – EVO2 channel
Smash Wii-U Finals – Main EVO channel

Noble’s greatest triumph took place in Injustice 2, which saw almost a thousand competitors ready to throw down in the DC Universe. As one of the keystone events for the Injustice 2 Pro Series, players would compete for league points and their share of a $50,000 prize pool provided by Netherrealm Studios and Warner Bros. No punches would be pulled last Saturday…

Or in the case of Noble Dragon, no Trident Rushes would be pulled! It is our greatest pleasure to acknowledge him as the EVO 2017 champion of Injustice 2! His achievement marks the team’s first-ever victory at the FGC’s annual championship event and frankly we couldn’t be more thrilled that this came to be. Dragon’s consistency as a Top 8 finalist for countless tournaments in MKX and INJ2, before and after he joined Noble, has been nothing short of godly, and that consistency has culminated in a world championship event! His list of scalps is staggering, but perhaps his most notable victories include a 3-1 against his teammate iLuusions, a reverse 3-0 against PG Hayatei after being down two games in the finals, and a practical 6-2 against cR HoneyBee despite coming dangerously close to being dragged into Loser’s in Grand Finals. There can be no denying that as of now, he is the King of Atlantis.

Congratulations, Dragon! Savor this victory for all it is worth!

As happy as we are for his well-deserved trophy, however, we cannot ignore the other achievements our team has racked up. For four years, SonicFox has dominated NRS games at EVO since his victory over Pig of the Hut in the 2014 Injustice 1 finals. That streak finally came to a resounding end against Noble Semiij’s Catwoman, who’d also taken out Tekken Master’s arsenal of characters in Loser’s Eighths. What is even more impressive is that Semiij performed this feat without dropping a single match to Sonic’s Red Hood, who’d been tearing up a storm despite not being available at launch. Sadly Semiij fell before Echo Fox Theo’s Superman in the Top 4, but nevertheless, a fourth place finish and a victory over the Fox is a triumph that merits celebration. Well done to Semiij!

We previously mentioned iLuusions whilst discussing Dragon’s results. As we said before, he lost the team kill to Dragon whilst standing just outside of the World Finals, but he refused to be outdone even by his comrades. Luu took out NS DJT, one of Las Vegas’s strongest defenders, and STDx 2eZ in order to come within arm’s length of the Top 8, but his path was barred by T7G DR Gross and his Green Lantern. Sadly the viewers at home were unable to see that match as the Netherrealm stream was cut short to prepare for Injustice 2’s time on EVO’s primary stream channel, but from what we witnessed, it was quite the struggle between two of the community’s strongest players. Unfortunately for Luu, he bowed out of the event at 9th place while Gross proceeded to Top 8. We salute him for his admirable efforts!

Noble BeyondToxin, also from Florida, got a shaky start in his pool. He lost his first set to S.P. The outcome instantly woke him up to bring him back to tournament form. He swept through the Loser’s side of his pool to take revenge against S.P, thus advancing him to his next pool for last Saturday. Despite being on the edge of defeat, he continued adding to his victories at an alarmingly successful rate. Players such as Coosco, MK Best Raiden and even F3 Alucard were among those who succumbed to Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin. The young Floridian found himself in a stacked Top 32, though his first win against Nivek was enough to raise his confidence through the roof. Unfortunately, his streak finally came to an end against STDx 2eZ, who’d fallen to iLuusions shortly afterward. Not many players have progressed so far in a tournament after losing their first match, so Toxin’s 17th place finish was definitely well-earned in a bracket with hundreds of players to plow through.

Finally, Pig of the Hut set off through his bracket with his determination off the charts. Without dropping a single game, he entered the second phase of pools with incredible momentum. After sending TrevarThePastor to Loser’s, Pig and cR HoneyBee, one of EVO 2017’s Top 8 finalists, crossed paths. Pig was unable to keep up with the fastest man alive despite a well-fought set, and so he was left with no choice but to brave the depths of Loser’s Bracket. As he waited at the end of his pool, a Harley player named Crusty was busy turning heads at EVO, taking victories against players such as Circa Forever King. This information put Pig on edge even as he approached the station to fight for Top 32. It was quite a show to witness, but Crusty’s streak of upsets continued against Pig, causing his elimination from the tournament. He would finish at 33rd place out of approximately a thousand players.

Injustice 2 Pools and Top 32 – Netherrealm Twitch Channel
Injustice 2 World Finals – EVO Main Channel

Ten players from Noble came to EVO. All ten players delivered amazing performances. There is not a second where we don’t take pride in the level of commitment shared by our players. Once again, congratulations to Dragon for nabbing the big trophy for Injustice 2 and to everyone else for a hard-fought weekend.

But although EVO has come to an end, the FGC never stops to rest. Look forward to DreamHack Atlanta coming up this weekend! While none of Noble FGC players will be in attendance, we’ll switch gears into the FPS genre with the Noble H1Z1 squad and will be certainly watching, so stay tuned to be informed on the competition.

To everybody who has been supporting Noble up to now…and to all of our players…we thank you for another amazing year with the fighting game community. Here’s to more years of mashing buttons!

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