November 11, 2018

Noble bids farewell to Tweedy and iLuusions

With a heavy heart, Noble parts ways with two of its shining stars from the Netherrealm Studios community.

Since his induction into the organization, Tweedy has proven himself to be an example of how far determination can take a competitor. His debut offline came about in 2016 at the second and last iteration of The Commonwealth, which was Virginia’s trademark FGC major at the time. As his first event culminated in a fifth place finish after some vicious bouts with the best of the best, including Echo Fox SonicFox, many knew that the seeds had been planted for the evolution of a new threat.

This trend not only carried over into Injustice 2 upon its release in May 2017, it also elevated Tweedy to greater heights. His multi-character lineup of Superman, Starfire and Doctor Fate left many opponents on tilt, and through a consistent attendance record for online and offline tournaments, his skill level continued to climb. The fruits of his labor began to show themselves in this year’s season of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, which Tweedy kicked off with a convincing victory at Combo Breaker 2018, an outcome that shone a prominent spotlight onto the Princess of Tamaran.

As the Pro Series winds down to a close this year, Tweedy is currently sitting at the top of the IPS Leaderboards with 665 points, essentially guaranteeing his qualification into the Season 2 IPS Finals, which will take place this November at the hometown of NRS: Chicago IL.Though his path must take him elsewhere now, we will be forever touched by his unwavering confidence and his top-notch work ethic.

Along with Tweedy, Noble’s NRS roster was also expanded in mid-2016 by the addition of Richard “iLuusions” Luu, one of the few players who was practically a pioneer for Quan Chi’s least used variation in MKX: Warlock. Sadly the October 2016 patch, which affected Warlock for the worst, prompted Luu to migrate to the Sorcerer variation instead. The gradual improvement in his results, a symptom of his enthusiasm for NRS games, won him the admiration of the NRS community.

His upbeat attitude had the uncanny ability to turn any unpleasant encounter into a memorable occasion, a fact that many can attest to. He and Tweedy would join Semiij and Rewind in an unforgettable journey through the esports scene for Injustice 2, where our NRS roster made their marks in ELEAGUE, the IPS, the Evolution Championship Series, and of course StreamMe’s trademark War of the Gods circuit, which is currently in its fourth iteration called Legends.

Before long, Luu’s Top 16 finishes evolved into Top 8 finishes at many Injustice 2 events, and he even found himself in the Season 1 Finals for the Injustice 2 Pro Series (read our recap here) at Los Angeles, where he finished in 9th place after a commendable effort against Panda Global’s Hayatei and Dragon, the latter of whom was Luu’s teammate at the time.

Tweedy and Luu have been nothing short of amazing to work with, and while we are saddened by the split in our paths, we remain optimistic that their strengths as players and young adults will ensure that their futures remain ripe with possibilities. We thank them for their time and wish them all the best.

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