May 16, 2018


Today, Noble parts ways with four of our own.

The beginning of 2018 marked a historical milestone for Noble Esports thanks to the efforts of its PUBG crew. Along with Godspeed, Natural was inducted into our PUBG squad at the start of the year, just in time to begin our efforts in qualifying for IEM Katowice. The two would train vigorously alongside Boom and Edakulous. When it finally came time to test their worth at Katowice, the team finished in 3rd place, which ranked them above other notable organizations including Method, OpTic Gaming, Ghost Gaming, Rogue and so on. In addition, the Noble PUBG crew was invited to participate in StreamMe’s Invitational back in April. Out of sixteen teams, Noble ended its run at 6th place, winning a respectable portion of a $12,500 prize pool.

It was a pleasure to undertake this journey alongside such talented names in the world of PUBG esports. Unfortunately, Natural must go where the road takes him, even if it steers him away from Noble’s neck of the woods. Nevertheless, we are proud of his growth as a team player, and we wish him well with his future endeavors.

One year ago, Astronaut blasted off with Noble to the top of the Brawlhalla esports scene, which is currently undergoing its thirdly yearly run with a series of championship brackets taking place online and at DreamHack festivals across the globe. Astronaut participates in singles and doubles brackets for the free-to-play fighter, but has shown a preference for tag-team action. Shortly before his signing, Astronaut took the win in doubles brackets at CEO Dreamland and the Brawlhalla Spring Championships, the latter of which took place online.

His career as a Brawlhalla competitor is still quite young but is already blooming into a highly successful chapter of his life. Astronout has continued to add to his streak with Top 8 finishes, some of which left him close to taking the crown, at a growing number of events in Brawlhalla esports including Shine 2017, StreamMe’s Legend Series and the Summer Championships. While we are sorry to see him go, we are proud of how much he has evolved during his time with us.

In 2016, Noble sank its feet into a fresh pond in the FGC, specifically Pokken Tournament, a 3D-based Pokemon fighting game that was initially released for the Nintendo Wii-U back in 2015. The title has now been re-released for the Nintendo Switch as a content update labeled Pokken Tournament DX, as part of Nintendo’s ongoing effort to further embrace the growth of the esports industry.

Tevin “TeeJay” Stokes, regarded as potentially the best Sceptile player in North America, joined with Noble two years ago as a player for Pokken. He is recognized for his 2nd place finish at CEO 2016, 1st place finish at Momocon 2016, 4th place at Momocon 2017, 1st at St. Louis Showdown 2016, and 2nd place at the Pokemon US National Championships in July 2016.

TeeJay bled enthusiasm everywhere he went, and all of it has been felt by those who cross his path, including his Noble teammates. We salute him for all that he has accomplished alongside us, and we look forward to seeing what other feats he achieves with his own hands as Nintendo continues to provide tournament support for their ongoing titles this year.

Finally, we announced our return to Rainbow Six esports in March 2018 with a revised roster. Out of that roster, Spades took up the role of Sixth Man. Shortly before we inducted our new R6 roster into the organization, they underwent a tiring run through a Loser’s Bracket in a qualifier event for ESL’s Rainbow Six Challenger League. They topped off their successful trek with a convincing win in Grand Finals and were subsequently signed into Noble.

Noble’s R6 roster has repeatedly raked in victories throughout the Challenger League. Their latest achievement includes a victory over Motiv8 Gaming’s roster approximately two weeks ago. We have been honored to watch them grow and flourish in a strong competitive environment in the Rainbow Six community.

Today, we say good-bye to Spades, and we also thank him for his time with us. We sincerely hope he rises to greater heights, be it among the Rainbow Six scene or wherever else he decides to take his talents.

Noble Esports thrives on promoting an environment where we guide our own along the journey to become a better version of themselves. We can confidently say that all our players, current and former alike, have done exactly that and then some. Their commitment and passion continues to set an inspiring example that we hope our readers will abide by.

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