October 16, 2017

Noble Dragon wins the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

It’s our absolute pleasure to announce that Noble Dragon has taken the victory in last weekend’s season finale for War of the Gods, a competitive Injustice 2 circuit brought to you by Stream.Me and powered by Gauntlet.GG!

The season finale delivered a fitting end point to the series’ first season. Eight of the community’s best Injustice 2 players came together last Sunday for a final showdown where up to $10,000 would be split across the Top 6. Echo Fox’s SonicFox and Theo were among those who qualified but were unable to attend due to outside affairs.

Out of the whole bracket, a whopping 50% of it consisted of Team Noble’s talented Injustice 2 division. One of them, Noble Semiij, stood at the top of the league rankings with over a thousand league points total, most of which were acquired by winning half the whole circuit – five consecutive weeks, to be exact. The other three had qualified through consistent Top 8 appearances.

The season finale kicked off with five-game matches right out of the gate, such as Semiij versus Circa’s Forever King. The outcome instantly put Semiij in a position to win a portion of the prize pool, but his stay in the Winner’s Bracket was cut short by Buffalo’s Sub-Zero. Yet Semiij quickly shook off the loss and defeated StreamMe’s Perfect Legend, avenging his comrade Noble Tweedy in the process. Sadly, he and Dragon were forced to meet in Loser’s Semis for a team kill, from which Dragon emerged victorious. Thus, Semiij finished in fourth place in the finale.

Speaking of team kills, the first round in the Winner’s side saw a familiar match-up from the Kombat Cup: Dragon versus Tweedy. Dragon took the win, sending his comrade to Loser’s where he would be joined by Noble iLuusions, who’d previously fallen to Buffalo. The two scrambled to make a recovery but were unfortunately eliminated by Circa Forever King and StreamMe Perfect Legend, both of whom are deadly competitors in their own right. Although Tweedy and Luu both took seventh place in the finale, they will return at ELEAGUE’s Last Chance Qualifier for the Injustice 2 World Championships next weekend…be PREPARED!

Dragon’s road to the Grand Finals was definitely a shaky adventure. He’d faced Rewind for the chance to enter Winner’s Finals, but was defeated and sent off to Loser’s. But the roar of the dragon would not be silenced. The champion’s recovery was insanely swift, as he took victories over Circa Forever King and his comrade Semiij to survive in the finale. He encountered Buffalo in Loser’s Finals, and the two engaged in a taxing struggle where the oceans of Atlantis met the Ice Age. Buffalo’s two wins came quickly, but Dragon dismantled his opponent’s momentum with a relentless control of the mid-range portion of the arena. Buffalo’s resolve eventually crumbled, as did his tournament life.

The Grand Finals came down to a confrontation between HARA Rewind from the Winner’s Bracket and Noble Dragon from the Loser’s Bracket. As a plot twist, the two abandoned the characters they’d previously used in favor of a fresh match-up. Both players constantly weaved in and out of each other’s comfort zones through the use of spaced blockstrings and backdashes. The viewers were left at a loss as to how to call the outcome, as it seemed that both players had a complete lock on each other’s mindsets and decisions. Finally, Dragon won out in the exchange, causing a bracket reset.

Despite the reset, both players remained glued to their character choices and to their strategies. While the progress of the games remained as teetering as ever, suddenly Rewind found himself on the verge of elimination. After serious consideration, Rewind decided to make a return to his roots by going with Atrocitus. But the decision proved costly, as Dragon’s responses to Atrocitus’s rushdown and zoning were absolutely effective. With a decisive 3-0 victory, Noble Dragon stood proud and tall as the Season Finale Champion in War of the Gods!

First the EVO champion and now the War of the Gods Season 1 champion, Dragon stands poised to add to his win streak at ELEAGUE later this month! We happily congratulate him for his achievement, and we also praise Semiij, Tweedy and Luu for qualifying for the Season Finale and putting on quite a show! All four will be present at ELEAGUE later this month to continue representing Team Noble’s finest.

The full archive for the War of the Gods Season Finale can be seen below.

StreamMe and Gauntlet ended War of the Gods on a high note by announcing a second season and a temporary return to their origins in the Kombat Cup! Should you have any interest in competing in either Mortal Kombat XL or Injustice 2, we encourage you to check out Gauntlet.GG and sign up!

Keep a close eye on our blog and for updates as Noble gears up for ELEAGUE next weekend!