June 14, 2018

Noble Races Into Forza!

We are happy to expand into the racing genre and the driver is blasting onto the racetrack all the way from Germany – Robin “b0x” Betka!

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b0x is currently ranked 6th on the leaderboards for the ForzaRC (Forza Racing Championships), which is preparing to head into its Series 1 playoffs next weekend. During the playoffs, the top 34 drivers will compete against one another in Seattle for their shot at $75,000 and one step closer to qualifying for the World Championships, which will take place in London this October.

The circuit began in early April with a series of events leading up to the conclusion of Series 1. There are a total of four rounds per series, and each round lasts two weeks and follows the same course: Qualifying Rivals, Ghost Races, Sunday Heats, a live Wednesday Showdown, and finally a Booster Rivals bracket. b0x has been sighted regularly in Top 3 results for the EMEA brackets throughout Series 1, a factor that contributes to his strong position in the ForzaRC leaderboards.

Once the Series 1 playoffs come to an end, the circuit will continue with playoffs for Series 2, beginning July 18th. Series 2 finals will take place in Mexico City on September 29th. Results will play a crucial role in determining the twenty-four drivers that will meet up in the World Championships to compete for up to $100,000.

With an incredibly strong showing in Series 1, b0x has become one of the favorites to take it all in the Forza Racing Championships, and we are excited to witness his climb through the rankings!

Want to catch the action live when it happens? Follow www.twitch.tv/forzarc for all their live broadcasts about the championships! In addition, visit www.forzarc.com for all updates on Forza’s corner of racing esports!


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