January 15, 2019

BOOM! Entering Guns of Boom!

As sort of a new year’s resolution, Noble has taken an interest in exploring the more recent additions to esports competition around the globe.

Though we’d started primarily with an FGC lineup in the middle of the decade, the organization has expanded to include rosters for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Super Smash Bros, Madden, and even the incredibly successful trading card game called Magic the Gathering.

After an exciting but brief excursion into the mobile game called Vainglory, we’re venturing back into the realm of mobile games. Today, we are thrilled to welcome our lineup for a competitive mobile game that has already amassed a monstrous reputation as an esports title – Guns of Boom!

Formerly known as Back to Back (BTOB), below is our Guns of Boom lineup:


ESL launched their first competitive season for Guns of Boom last year. Up to eight teams – four apiece from North America and Europe – would qualify for the Season One Finals at Los Angeles CA to win their share of a staggering $120,000 prize pool. The Back to Back lineup was counted among the four teams qualifying from Europe.

After a tremendous display on Day 1, the team joined five others in the Grand Final for the season the next day. Through careful strategy and immaculate last-minute decisions, Back to Back made it out of the lower bracket to take on the Black Bulls in the final showdown. After an epic series, the Black Bulls emerged victorious, winning $60,000 and a qualifying spot for IEM Katowice 2019 this February.

Though Back to Back, now known as Noble, came within inches of taking home the gold in ESL Season One, their resolution to bounce back has never been more solid. Fortunately their opportunity for a second chance is just around the corner, as ESL will be launching a second season for Guns of Boom this month!

The first season for Guns of Boom esports has offered a look into the explosive potential that underlies competitive mobile games! We encourage you to give the game a try for yourself by visiting www.gunsofboom.com!


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