April 2, 2018

H1Z1 Pro League Roster!

Earlier this month, Noble was announced as one of the teams participating in the H1Z1 Pro League, which is set to kick off at Caesar Entertainment Studio’s special esports arena in Las Vegas on April 21st!

Teams have recently been locking in their rosters for the Pro League and sharing them via Twitter. We’re happy to announce that our players have been selected as well! See below.

  • Shane “” Adams – Flex
  • Nhan “” Le – Flex
  • Gabriel “” Brunelle – Slayer
  • Jordan “” Kelly – Support
  • Chance “” Rebholz – IGL
  • Kyle “” Tran – Team Manager for the Pro League.


Each of these players brings immense promise to the Noble crew, and we are extremely excited to watch them blaze through the competition at Vegas when the Pro League kicks off! There will be multiple seasons in the Pro League, each of which are divided into two splits, with ten events per split. Events will occur one week at a time.

All teams including our own will compete for total cumulative match points over the course of the season. The highest ranked teams will proceed to the Championship finale, which will unfold at a different location.

Let’s take a moment to look over each of our players’ achievements, starting with SpiritsZ. Out of his past experiences, he has become heavily recognized for scraping a 3rd place finish at the TwitchCon Challengers event for H1Z1. As for Shurimawizard, was also featured among the team that seized the big win at H1Z1’s Fight For the Crown, specifically Obey Alliance.

Chance also earned 7th place at Fight For The Crown, but under a different team banner. He previously competed alongside Dare Rising and Team Gates before finding his way into our roster. Additionally, he participated in a championship tour for Hearthstone quite a while back.

Gabe’s resume is basically the size of a tower: 5th Place in DreamHack Atlanta and Winter Solo Qualifiers, 12th in Atlanta Solo Finals, and 2nd in the 2018 Royalty Showdown! Before he came to Noble, he was featured in other teams including AZIO, SoaR, and eRa Eternity, which also included Nadd in its ranks.

We planned on moving into the Pro League with our previous roster from Dreamhack Sweeden but unfortunately were unable due to visa issues which several charter teams have also encountered. We are still currently working through those obstacles and Nikolai “Figurez” Hyytiainen will remain with the organization as a substitute player.

For those wishing to follow the H1Z1 Pro League, you’ll be able to tune in to their broadcasts at the ! Hit that follow button so you don’t miss out.

We wish all the best to our team as they prepare for April 21st! Should you wish to support them, follow their Twitters for updates, as well as all our social media!