February 22, 2016

Introducing Elliot ‘JerkMonger’ Fernandez

Over the last few months, Noble has made many announcements concerning the organization.

Whether it be a new team, sponsor or collaborator. We at Noble have felt for some time now that not only were we expanding in the e-Sports space, but wanted to crossover into other scenes to increases visibility for our brand and for the brands we’re working with, also bring our passion for other areas that we personally love.

Partnerships with such initiative companies as AlphaDraft , Leet and Logitech G were just the beginning. Collaborating in music with , and cosplay with  signified it was a natural progression to bring in another scene. Art.

Noble e-Sports are pleased to announce that we are bringing on an extremely talented individual named Elliot “JerkMonger” Fernadez as Noble’s official Illustrator!

Elliot Fernandez is a Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, and Cartoonist with a passion for communicating big ideas through art

Elliot had this to say: ” I am super stoked to be a part of the Noble eSports family. And now that we’ve joined forces to form VOLTRON, sky’s the limit!!”

With the ever-changing landscape of the esports scene, Noble continues to position themselves to be at the forefront of user engagement.  In the coming weeks expect more exciting news!

Noble Recon, founder of Noble had this to say “I have known Elliot for a few years now, and have 4 or 5 commissioned pieces on my wall at home, He is a true talent and a genuine person which these days is something not easily come across.  I am very excited that we are able to make a deal and bring him into the Noble family, I know great things are on the horizon!”
Please give Elliot a warm welcome to Noble! and give him a follow on his social media below


*Elliot is also available for commission based pieces and project work (schedule permitting)*