July 18, 2018

Noble Drops Into The Dome, Player!

Noble is happy to announce that we have signed our three-player roster for Islands of Nyne, the latest battle royale title that released on early access as of July 12th!

Please welcome the following to the arena:

  • Noah “Hirshey” Hirschfield
  • David “Dzurv” Rodriguez
  • Michael “mikeysnipey” Dodge


The first two players, Hirshey and Dzurv, worked previously in conjunction with Noble Gabeismon from our H1Z1 team to take 3rd place in the , which took place back in May 12th and was hosted by Mainline.GG. Mikeysnipey also enters the arena as a new challenger and will be working alongside his teammates to prepare for future esports events involving Islands of Nyne.

We are looking forward to supporting our new players as they strive to achieve commendable results in the latest battle royale sensation to sweep through esports!

Check out the announcement video for an exclusive GIVEAWAY!

Developed by Define Human Studios, Islands of Nyne is a first-person-only battle royale title that has been in development for three years since 2015. It entered into a closed alpha state in April 2017, and as stated previously, it has finally progressed to an early access phase. A complete release is planned for next year.

Players begin matches by plummeting into an arena that is packed with weapons and various obstacles. Their goal is, quite simply put, to stay alive by collecting weapons and eliminating their opponents. As the number of players decreases, a surrounding field of plasma energy shrinks, effectively decreasing the size of the map.

The game is driven primarily by community feedback. Surveys are delivered to players with each update implemented into the game, and feedback via the Islands of Nyne Discord and forums is taken into account.

Players can download Islands of Nyne for Steam (PC) at this page.


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