September 11, 2016

MKXL PC Review with Toxin

So basically, as you all know the MKXL PC Beta launched last week! Since its release I have been playing it A LOT! And I have enjoyed every second of it! Game runs amazing the new netcode on PC is just outstanding and the game itself just looks amazing with all enhanced graphics and everything looks so colorful and detailed. I’m currently running the game at 60 FPS and my resolution is 1920×1080.


Ermac still plays the same of course since the PC is running the current build of the game. But i can def see some of his green glow effects stand out more and what not. All the characters look beautiful and I’m not even running the game at its full potential. So until i get a new motherboard and processor I cant wait to see how the game will look! Man…even when Injustice 2 drops it will look amazing with all the gear setups and what not.


Also did I mention…LESS INPUT LAG! Barely dropped combos and everything just feels to come out right! I will definitely continue to play the beta since they have extended it till Thursday, September 1st! Switching between PC and PS4 from time to time because it just runs so smooth on PC, No complaints at all. So if you haven’t already, feel free to give it a shot. Highly recommend giving it a chance and let’s see with this PC build if we get either KP3 or a balance patch with 2 new characters. Thanks guys for reading my thoughts on MXKL PC Beta, you can find my links below if you want additional feedback with the beta download link. Take care, see you in the land of 50/50’s.


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