June 29, 2016

#NobleMKXL adds another one

Noble is pleased to announce that the talented team of kombatants under the MKXL banner has recently added some great potential!

Richard “iLuusions” Luu will now be included into the already solid cast of FGC players that share the same mindset as the goals we envision as well as our other fighters. Luu’s history of placements have been steadily improving with a 13th overall finish at Combo Breaker as well as the most recent, 9th at CEO 2016.

On the recent addition, Maze, VP of Operations mentioned:
“On behalf of Noble, We are very excited that Luu chose us to continue his journey with. We have been following his progress for a while now and believe it was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up in which brings both the organization and our players to the next level.”

Richard also gave us some words about his new path:
“I feel so good that I’m able to join a great team with great players. It feels amazing to be part of a family where everyone in Noble is supporting each other and want to see each other succeed. I feel so good that I have people that believe in me and my ability to perform, and to get the support from Noble makes me so happy. I look forward to the future with the team and to travel the world with the squad.”


We would like all to welcome him into the #StayNoble family.

Follow iLuusions on twitter:
Also follow him on twitch as he broadcast’s live twitch.tv/wa_iLuusions