October 28, 2015

Noble acquires Relapsed for Community Growth

and are pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive agreement under which Noble has acquired the Relapsed community and management. This agreement has been approved unanimously by all management of both companies. The transaction combines complementary strengths to create a unique new competitor with unprecedented capabilities in competitive gaming, community and broadcast opportunities.

Together we will have some of the most respected, recognized and storied people in the eSports world along with the community structure. Together we will create an even brighter future. We are thrilled about the unique opportunities this merger will create for our members worldwide, as well as our business partners.

Owner / CEO of Relapsed, Josh said this about the merge, “It will be a change of scenery for myself and the management of Relapsed but we will continue to put in all the time and effort needed to create growing opportunities for everyone involved & the future of Noble Gaming. Our mission and strategy remain unchanged, just accompanied with help from another brand”

Mike (), the President of Noble eSports, had this to say regarding the acquisition. “This business transaction, the overall growth and visibility of Noble will allow us to accomplish great things in 2016. I’m excited for the future.” #Growth

-About Relapsed-
Relapsed was created by Josh () & Kelli () in October 2013. Recognized as a renowned and well-respected community of dedicated elite gamers, Relapsed focused primarily on the COD series but branched out into other popular titles such as Destiny, Halo & more. Their mission was to actively supply a home for casual and competitive players that needed a stable and family like community.