April 4, 2016

Noble Acquires Vainglory Guild Wicked!

Vainglory is a mobile eSports game that has become one of the most-streamed touchscreen games on Twitch. The game has brought teams from all over the world to compete for the number one spot.  As the game continues to grow in popularity, more eSports organizations are assembling teams in order to take part of this community.

Noble e-Sports,LLC is pleased to announce that they have acquired the pro VainGlory guild known as, Wicked.

Wicked, the first  North American Vainglory guild, made a name for themselves with their large numbers of prominent players in the community, these members are what helped build the community to what it is. The guild continued to increase dramatically under Wicked’s second leader, Brad Chmielewski. This is before “Shatter the Vain’s”  Brad Chmielewski stepped down in order to focus on VG content creation, at that point he passed the guild down to, Brett Collins.

During the autumn season Wicked achieved a guild level of 99, an accomplishment that many organizations strive to obtain – in addition to last season the community had a roster of 50 players, in which their average skill tier was Simply Amazing.

Wicked has competed in all the Vainglory League events, which has lead them to have a guild of primarily Simply Amazing as well as Pinnacle of Awesome players. These achievements came about after Brett Collins refocused the organization’s efforts in transitioning the team from the casual side to the more competitive side of Vainglory.  This will not take away from Wicked’s emphasis  of having a strong community, but will hold their players to a certain level of competitive play.

I believe this sets us apart, as we are both a tight knit community of individuals with a shared love of Vainglory as well as one that is more competitive than the majority of the ever growing Vainglory community.” -Brett Collins, Wicked Guild Leader


Noble Wicked Competitive Team:

These are our Noble Wicked’s primary weapon and crystal carries:

“L4nc3” is the team’s lane and jungle player. He plays Celeste, Joule, Kestrel, and Petal. But his hero of choice is, Skye.

“Coltrain” plays in lane and jungle as well. He plus Ringo, Vox, Skaarf, Blackfeather and Glaive as well as, Koshka. His hero of choice, Vox.

“OfflinePK” primarily jungles and specializes in Reim, Blackfeather, Taka, Ringo but his hero of choice, Krul.


Noble Wicked supports include:

“SixesAndSevens”  position is primarily a roam (support) his heroes he specializes in is Catherine, Ardan, Fortress and Phinn. He can also play the lane role (when he is needed to) while playing lane his heroes of choice are,  Ringo or Vox.

“King Cheez” is a full time roamer but can also play jungle with Glavie, Skye, Kestrel we needed.  While roaming, he uses Adagio, Fortress, Catherine, Ardan and Phinn.

“We at Wicked were overjoyed to be noticed by such a prominent multi-platform eSports organization with a ton experience in this industry.” -Brett Collins, Wicked Guild Leader


“We are excited to bring the longest standing guild in VG under the Noble eSports banner.  We look forward to the Spring season of VGL and beyond. We have been planning this for some time and with the partnership SEMC has currently made with Twitch this will just increase our reach and add strength to our organization with a guild that has the same ideologies as we do.”  – Noble Recon, Founder of Noble e-Sports, LLC


Noble Wicked will be competing the in VGL this coming spring season, with more tournaments to announce in the near future.

For more information on the Vainglory team, you can follow at on their Twitter account, as well as Noble Vainglory