January 13, 2016

Noble Adds Depth In MKX

Noble eSports would like to announce that we venture more in depth of the fighting game world with two additions to the family, Juan “Beyond Toxin” Contreras & Matthew “Emperor Jupiter” McDonough, both we very delighted to continue their growth along side of the Noble brand. We are already involved with the Mortal Kombat genre and are excited to experience two more up and coming individuals while they showcase their skills to the world.

Juan, now known as “Noble Toxin” , mainly battling with Ermac while mastering Quan Chi, has competed in numerous LAN events with a recent finish of 3rd place at CEO Winterfest. Toxin just barely missed the ESL Season 2 Finals but will be ready for S3 & future events. If you want to know more about Juan then please check out his most recent match HERE or read the ESL Spotlight.

As far as Matthew “Noble Jupiter” , he recently competed at NEC 16 in Philadelphia and was awarded a 7th place finish with his main fighter Wrestler Jax. Jupiter made his mark within Injustice and carried over to MKX which showed composure during his match against YOMI DJT at NEC. Watch it HERE.

Both Juan & Matthew are heading to KIT Memphis this weekend where 160 of the best kombatants will face off to take home $10,000 pot bonus from NetherRealm Studios. Also in Mortal Kombat related news, will be participating in ESL Pro League Week 8 Finals tonight and has got an invite to ESL Season 2 Finals in Burbank, CA on January 24th to compete for $100,000.

We are so pleased to welcome these players into the #StayNoble family, so please give them a warm welcome, we look forward to seeing them in action!