August 20, 2017

Noble and GameChanger Join Forces

In November of 2016 Noble joined forces alongside GameChanger to host a charity weekend to benefit their Gamers Give Back Tour. During that weekend various members of the Noble Stream Team, including Lokiriko, Pure Dreaming, Kyente, Pootie33, Mizz Skrillex, Squigglepoof, and Sailor Yas all teamed up to raise an astounding $5,000+ for Children in need.

GameChanger was started by Jim Carol and his son Taylor. A non-profit built upon an inspiring survival story, GameChanger’s founders now dedicate their lives to helping others through their battles against life-threatening illnesses. In partnership with Child’s Play Charity, the Gamers Give Back Tour visits Children’s Hospitals around the country to host special events & celebrate the amazing ways that gaming can improve the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses. Items and services that GamerChanger provides include:

    • College scholarships for survivors/patients
    • Video games, technology & toys for patients
    • Hosting unique gaming events for patients,
      • Gamers Give Back Tour – deliver gifts, food & love to patients/staff
      • GameChanger Days – play games in hospital with patients/celebrity influencers/friends
    • Developing unique programs for direct service inside of hospitals
    • Financial aid for patients & families with cancer (ie pay medical bills)


On the morning of July 12th, 2017 – GameChanger and Noble continued improving the life of another lucky individual located at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with a college scholarship with the money raised in the previous Charity Weekend.  of the Noble Stream Team traveled out alongside some staff representing GameChanger to spend the morning with a young man who has felt the impact of dealing with a life-altering illness. Through this time his life was altered tremendously as he battled his way through trips to the hospital, treatments and the everyday battle of adjusting to how life had changed. It was easy for the staff of CHLA and Gamechanger to select this lucky man to receive this gift to help him work his way into college and overcome the financial burden.

How was it to work last November in the Noble and Gamechanger charity event?

Mizz Skrillex: It was amazing, working with Noble and Gamechanger was one of my best experience I ever had on twitch. GameChanger supplied us the tools we needed for the fundraiser and made it easier for us to do this. Watching the community come together for a good cause, it warms my heart. And I am looking for to do this again in the future.

Can you describe your experience going out to LACH and awarding the college scholarship to someone?

Mizz Skrillex: When I went to CHLA I was so excited/nervous. I wasn’t sure to expect but the board director and from GameChanger helped calm my nerves. Now seeing the patient was awesome but giving him his scholarship was beautiful, WE got a chance to help someone with their future. Seeing his face light up made it all worth it.

You got some time to hang out with some people from GameChanger, how was that?

Mizz Skrillex: After giving the scholarship we hung for a bit with the patient and got a tour of the hospital. Brandon talked to me more about GameChanger and his work gave me a better understanding of how they do what they do, he was so sweet and kind.  I am just so grateful I was able to be part of this, thanks to Noble and Gamechanger we all got a chance to help someone’s future.

We would like to thank the never ending work of and from GameChanger to help us put this all together and allow us the opportunity to help change someone’s life. We would highly recommend if you’re looking to do any work as a Gamer to help others in need to reach out and offer some time and services with GameChanger – you truly won’t regret it.

#ForTheKids #StayNoble

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