September 20, 2016

NOBLE: Beginnings


After taking most of the Summer season re-evaluating Noble’s endeavors in the competitive Vainglory community, we are proud to announce the roster that will be representing Noble Pro in the upcoming Autumn season of Vainglory. While these players may be newly crowned, they are definitely no strangers to the competitive scene. Some players come from a background of over one year’s experience in the Vainglory scene. Through hard work and dedication, these 6 players have proven themselves to be some of the strongest of the next generation of Vainglory professionals. Having earned several first place finishes in various online events in the past, the newly titled roster are anxious to show the North American community what they have to offer. Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the Noble Pro Vainglory roster for Autumn 2016.


Starting Roster

O Captain! My Captain! Starting with the center jewel of the Noble Pro crown is none other than twenty-one year old captain, “Darilk”. Darilk has been playing Vainglory for over one and a half years, and has plenty of experience under his belt. With the recent addition of Pajamadrama to the Noble Pro roster, Darilk has decided to shift his focus primarily to the role of team Captain. Daril and Pajama will be working together to help the guide the new roster through the Autumn competitive season. Daril and his team mates “Vainglorious” and “Hideauze”  are no stranger to one another however, as they previously played together under the name of “Team Brotherhood”. Daril will be looking to carry on those virtues of brotherhood from his previous team into the Noble Pro family.


Next up on the starting roster is eighteen year old Jungler “i1Vainglorious1i”. Vainglorious has been in the Vainglory scene for a little over a year now, and prefers to play a more aggressive style in the jungle. Leaning more towards hyper-carry heroes like Kestrel, Vainglorious quickly found himself rising through the ranked ladder to live up to his name throughout the past 5 seasons.

And last but certainly not least comes twenty year old Lane main, “Hideauze”. Hideauze has an interest in more late game “scaling” heroes such as Celeste. However, players all across the high ELO ladders have commended him on his performance on the sniper hero SAW. Together with his teammates Vainglorious and Derilk, the previous roster of “Team Brotherhood” are known for their first place finish at Budokai 2016 and the Torneo MX Spring series.


In a recent change in events, legendary community player “Pajamadrama” will be playing alongside the other two starting members of Noble Pro. Pajamadrama is a living legend to the amateur community for obvious reasons. After creating the very successful competitive guild “Team Primal”, Pajamadrama and his boys managed to claim the first place prize at the VGL Amatuer series; guaranteeing their team a spot in the next round of VGL professional play. What they didn’t know however, was that this was only the beginning of it all. Shortly after claiming the first place in VGL Amatuer series and the VGU (sponsored by Savage Gaming), Pajamadrama was offered a spot in Team Phoenix’s Reborn roster at the start of the Spring season. However, after a brief stay in the heat, Pajama decided to make the legendary title-holding team Gankstars Sirius his new home. Since his performance in the Spring season, Pajama has been focusing on honing his skills throughout the Summer season. When asked how he felt about joining the Noble Pro roster, Pajama claimed, “I’ve known Hideauze and Vainglorious for a short amount of time and although we haven’t played as long as most rosters, we have a strong form of natural synergy and have not yet lost any games we’ve played as a team”. Pajamadrama will be replacing Darilk as the starting roam position on the team, and also leans towards heavier Roam heroes such as Phinn to quibble his enemies.



While these players may not see “camera-time” as often as their new Noble brothers, they are still an equally respected and credible set of players who should not be taken lightly. We are very proud and pleased to announce the secondary players for the Noble Pro Autumn roster as follows:




Looking Forward

We are very excited to see the newly titled Noble team sweep through the competitive Vainglory scene. The team will be playing in the Vainglory Invitational Series (32) until they qualify for the VGL Challenger battles where they will fight for the Evil 8 seat/title. To watch the Noble Pro team do what it does best, be sure to check out streams during the weekdays at This roster of rising talent will surely represent the Noble brand as one of the best teams in North American Vainglory once again and will be looking to bring home yet another Top 8 finish in the coming season. Who knows, maybe even a World Championship seat! Thank you for reading, and be sure to give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Noble Pro family. #StayNoble.


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