March 3, 2017

Noble enters H1Z1

There has been a tremendous amount of hype as of late in the FPS world. H1Z1:King of the King has announced there is an upcoming tournament where 15 teams, 13 selected and 2 amateur teams will fight on 1 map, and the lone surviving team will be crowned the winner. The prize pool is an impressive $300k with $180k being handed tot he winner. With the news of this tournament a surprising amount of eSport organizations have moved into the space.

Today we would like to announce the Noble H1Z1 roster representing us long term for future events and inside the would of this massively popular shooter:

A1Supreme (Captain)   / Twitch
SpiritsZ (IGL)                  / Twitch
FvFury                             / Twitch
ImZeb                              / Twitch
Figurez                            / Twitch

AerithReborn (Manager)  / Twitch

Please welcome them to the Noble family and watch as they compete in an number of scrims that they will be streaming on their Twitch Channels.