August 24, 2016

Noble Enters Rainbow 6

On this day, Noble eSports are very proud to announce that we are jumping into the FPS world again with Rainbow Six Siege. The team of GodKin, Perception, Blood n Glory, RoCCo, HotCakes have secured a spot into the next Pro League season of ESL. Noble Texas, the president of Noble e-Sports, LLC stated this:

“We’re extremely excited to be venturing into RB6 Siege with such a mature and professional minded team like the former ReWritten squad. Everyone at Noble can’t wait for Season 3 of the R6 Pro League to start! We have no doubt that the guys will be dominate and give us a voice in this growing scene.”

What are the teams placing while being together (As a core team)?

Our team has been together as a core since Rainbow Six: Siege’s release late last year.  Our team has won multiple Gamebattles tournaments/ ESL Go-4-Rainbow Cups and placed 5th in two really tight seasons of the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League, where in the case of season 2, one win separated Fifth from Second.  We are definitely a hungry group of players and by no means are we satisfied until we have won our first ESL Pro League Championship.


How do you feel this season will be different from past seasons?

Just like in past seasons, this season will be a close one.  In the previous seasons it literally came down to a round or two difference from going to the finals and I think with two seasons under our belt now we are going to have the fortitude to make those moments count.  This season with being a part of noble we hope that having a community and team behind us supporting us will help us to focus more on the game side.

In addition this season will feature a new map pool.  They have removed Kafe, House, and Plane.  Two of these maps previously were maps that we used to have to waste a ban on, often leaving our opponent with their choice in maps.  This should give us an edge now that we no longer have to use our bans on the maps considered widely non-competitive.


What teams do you feel will give you the biggest competition this coming season?

As I have stated in the past our first two seasons have been very close.  With the way it is structured you can’t afford to take your eye of any opponent but we typically have pretty good rivalries with Excellence, Denial, and Myth, and plan to continue that this season.


Where do you see the Rainbow Six scene going?

I think Rainbow Six is a growing scene.  There was actually just an article released stating that July and August has been more active than when the game initially launched last year.  With the way shooters have been lately having growth at this point is a big deal.

With the game being so dynamic and open to creativity I think the replay value of this game is huge and if marketed correctly will continue to grow for years as Ubisoft has stated it will support it for the long term.


How intense is your strategy session going into each game?

Actually on a game like this it is very intense.  Once we get our weekly schedule we prepare for each match individually.  Typically we will look at the other team’s play style based on what we have observed in previous matches, what we have seen in match footage, or other sources and adjust to counter that style.  Each team also typically has maps that are considered their “strong” maps so you have to really put a lot of thought into if you feel you can take them head-on or if you want to force them into a weaker map.  Sometimes the choices you make regarding maps that you prepare on are equally as important as the skills you practice.


What is everyone’s age?

Four out of our five current players have all been playing with/or against each other since Rainbow Six 3 came out on Xbox in 2003. So we are not exactly new to the franchise.  Our ages are as follows: GodKin is 27, Perception & Blood n Glory are 26, RoCCo is 34 and Cakes is our “young blood” at 19 years old and we hope to teach him the ropes and see him still competing a decade later with new wave of Rainbow Six players.