September 4, 2019

Noble enters Runescape!

Noble is thrilled to announce that it is joining forces with a Runescape clan called “Solitary!”

When it first released in January 2001, Runescape, a free-to-play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) created and published by Jagex, rapidly exploded into one of the longest-lasting titles supported by an enormous community whose numbers continue to increase every year. The title is officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest and most updated MMORPG.

Since its inception, Runescape had been outfitted with competitive elements, which quickly became the focus of its enormous player base. In February 2013, Jagex decided to re-create the Runescape experience on mobile, but as a classic variant of its current self. Furthermore, the game supports cross-platform play between its mobile and desktop versions.

Many have fostered their own sources of information pertaining to the growth and development of Runescape and its community, including separate websites. For years, Runescape has been celebrated and played for its online multiplayer aspect.

One such group who constantly bleeds enthusiasm for Runescape is Solitary, an expansive community consisting of over 400 members. The crew was first founded in January 2018 by Bertil ( on Twitter) and Allo (). As their community grew, so did their staff team, and all oversee their operations via Discord.

When asked about Solitary’s origin, Bertil expressed that he did not foresee the explosion of support for what was meant to be a mere step towards passing the time whilst enjoying Runescape. In fact, their initial interest in the game was not driven by the urge to prove oneself in competition.

“It completely blew up at the very start,” Bertil explained. “We did not expect the amount of support that we were getting for doing this.”

“I never really looked at Runescape as a competitive game,” he continued when asked about the degree of dedication he and Solitary were pouring into their efforts to master the game. “Everything we did with the clan was mostly just for fun, and then it slowly evolved into a competitive atmosphere, where even sometimes the winners didn’t care about the prize pool, just the title.”

Considering how prize pools for multiplayer titles were not particularly significant in earlier years, as were developer-community relationships at the time, it was pride that lit the competitive spark in players. And that pride burns as fiercely as it ever did, though the increase in prize pools and event production across the world has now widened the number of motivations.

As far as events go, Solitary has dipped their feet into smaller competitions once in a while for the sake of maintaining activity, but they themselves host a series of seasonal events called “bingos” three times per year: a summer bingo, a spring bingo, and a winter bingo. These particular events have been granted quite the spotlight by social media, partly due to the staggering prizes to be awarded to winners.

What is a bingo, you ask? Similar to the more traditional game, teams of players are tasked with completing various objectives in an effort to build up their scores. The more objectives completed, the more points that are earned. These objectives can vary drastically due to the many possibilities permeating the Runescape environment.

Most recently they hosted the August 2019 Bingo, which would be won by a crew called Raging Hammerheads. Bertil himself achieved recognition as the event’s MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Solitary’s focus is directed solely to their next tri-annual event: the Winter Bingo. It will also be during this event that they will make their debut under Noble’s banner.

“Everyone is very excited about it,” Bertil said energetically when asked about this new partnership. “We decided to make it a decision the entire clan would make together, and the vast majority was on board straightaway!”

Further information pertaining to Solitary can be found at their Twitter account, which is linked .

We at Noble are deeply excited to enter into Runescape alongside our partners in Solitary! To stay updated on our endeavors, please follow us at our social media below!


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