December 6, 2016

Noble Dives Deeper into the FGC

Following yesterday’s announcement with Dragon joining Noble, we have to bring you some more news about Noble FGC . The fighting game genre has a special place in our hearts and with that being said, we have acquired some incredible talent. The energy that these players bring will elevate us into becoming a larger threat in the FGC community, as well as helping them achieve larger goals.

We are proud to welcome 3 new combatants! Hugh “Nightmare2450” Norfolk representing SFV, Emanuel “Noble Manny” Medina (formerly “Spark”) representing Smash and Tommy “Tweedy” Tweedy representing Mortal Kombat.

“As eSports grows, so do we. Over the last year we have become extremely close with the FGC scene and have watched talent come from the budding community. We are pleased with the direction that the FGC scene is going with some explosive growth in Street Fighter and Smash, as MKXL is winding down, Injustice 2 is right around the corner. We are preparing ourselves for the events to come with some of the most exciting new talent available.” – Noble Founder, Recon

All these new players bring dedication and hard work to their respective games, and we have had some time to speak with them.

“Noble really stuck me as a organization that was about the team instead of the individual. I have heard of other organizations that puts others first and that was not something that interested me, but Noble is about creating a family and supporting each other and that was one of the big draws that led me to want to be apart of the Noble family. I have already set up plans to travel to NEC17, Genesis 4, Undefeated as of right now! With the help of Noble I plan to try and travel to more events and continue to grow as a player and be the best player I can be. I would love to give a shouts outs to the Seattle and Vancouver FGC as they are the family that has helped me to this point. Also a big thank you to my training partners Kyle P and Dickson, without them I wouldn’t be nearly as strong of a player as I am today.” – Hugh “Nightmare2450” Norfolk

“I wanted to join Noble because of the opportunities with getting out to events and on twitch, along with the strong presence that they have in North America for Mortal Kombat XL. I already play regularly with their members, so it just felt like a solid fit. I can’t wait to play and represent with them at events. I’ll be at NEC and KIT, also will begin streaming regularly on Twitch, as soon as I get over this winter sickness. Shout outs to Exile and everyone else who has helped me up to this point. Also, obviously big shout out to Maze for reaching out to me from Noble.” – Tommy “Tweedy” Tweedy

“I’ve been looking for help to advance my career with attending various tournaments so I could represent people well and even make a bigger family. In the future you can expect me to grow with the team and spread word of the brand. Along with that I will demonstrate how a top player should be and act, not just towards the top players but the community that makes Smash what it is. Shoutouts to Tony @JustTonyThings for guiding me into the path of becoming the player and person I am as of today along with other players in Tampa Florida and even the whole state of Florida.” – Emanuel “Noble Manny” Medina

You can find more information about these new player below:

Hugh “Nightmare2450” Norfolk –    Twitch
Tommy “Tweedy” Tweedy –   Twitch
Emanuel “Noble Manny” Medina –    Placings

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