May 25, 2017

Noble gears up for Combo Breaker 2017

Hey, FGC! With Combo Breaker 2017 coming up this week, we’d like to announce the Noble players that will be in attendance to represent! So without further ado…

First up is Noble Knomad, an adventurous soul with a knack for knowledge. We’ve seen him juggle an impressive amount of fighting games at every event he’s attended…for example, he participated in at least five tournaments at once during Final Round XX back in March 2017. But for his trip to the Mega Center, he’s going to lighten his load a little (emphasis on “a little”). We will see him competing in Killer Instinct, Street Fighter V and Injustice 2, all of which have pot bonuses and/or qualifying spots for KI World Cup 2018, Capcom Pro Tour and the Injustice 2 Pro Series, respectively. That’s going to be a lot of competition to contend with, but you can rest assured that Knomad is up to the challenge. Expect to catch him hanging around at the viewing area for glimpses of Red Bull Kumite and ELEAGUE as well!

Secondly, Pig of the Hut made a triumphant return to competitive Injustice by taking out Slayer and KDZ at last week’s ESL King of the Hill session using a combination of Doctor Fate and Atrocitus, two characters with dissimilar yet effective playstyles, in such dominating fashion. In past times, he’s amassed a staggering list of accomplishments, including a second place finish in the first Injustice at EVO 2014 as well as appearances in the ESL Season 1 and 2 Finals for Mortal Kombat X. Very few players can match the passion and skill that oozes from his very being. After ESL Season 2, Pig sort of entered a hiatus from competitive play but he’s back in full force to inject fear into the hearts of his opponents. Look forward to his dual domination in both MKX and Injustice 2 at Combo Breaker – and perhaps you’ll get to listen in on his commentary for the MKX Top 32!

Third in line is what the Injustice 2 scene will consider “new blood” due to the fact he’s made his debut in MKX – Noble Dragon. While he never played the prequel seriously, he showed up in last week’s tournaments as a threat, including StreamMe’s War of the Gods series where he made Top 16 but fell just an inch short of entering the Top 8 finals. His adaptation to Injustice 2’s mechanics has been frighteningly fast, so we’ll be eagerly watching him when the weekend rolls around. Of course, with MKX on the lineup he’ll be representing Noble in that game as well, wielding his deadly duo of Kitana and Shinnok which brought him to fame in the Kombat Cup and the last few majors for MKX including Final Round XX. His recent victories over his rival Sonic Fox have inspired a great deal of progress and confidence within him, so we’re ready to see him continue that streak!

Following in Dragon’s footsteps will be a player who actually comes equipped with experience from Injustice 2’s prequel as a top-notch Green Arrow specialist – Noble iLuusions. It isn’t known if he’s competed offline for the prequel, but when Mortal Kombat X rolled around he took his grind to a new level, using an armada of underrated characters such as Sun God Kotal Kahn and Warlock Quan Chi. His results gradually improved with each and every event he’s attended, until he started cracking successive Top 8s at consecutive majors such as Kumite in Tennessee and Final Round. Before long, only the best players proved capable of standing a chance at defeating him. He’s also been a regular in both seasons of StreamMe’s Kombat Cup series, where he eventually qualified for the Season 2 Finale. He placed third in their final bracket, losing only to HARA Rewind and Semiij after previously holding a win streak over the latter. Noble has watched every stage of his development as a player and we can safely say, he’s going to thrive in an environment that he’s familiar with, especially with the new mechanics in play. Wish him luck in MKX and Injustice 2 this weekend!

Also competing in Injustice 2 and MKX is Noble BeyondToxin, an Ermac specialist who has moved on to a land of fears…yes, he’s a Scarecrow player now. Like with the previous two players, Toxin found his calling in Mortal Kombat X, eventually qualifying for the ESL Season 3 finals by defeating cR WoundCowboy in a tie-breaker match (the two had finished in the league with the same amount of points, forcing them to clash for a final qualifying spot). He’d previously been cursed with a streak of finishing in ninth place at offline majors, but his gradual progress as a player enabled him to break the curse at Kumite in Tennessee 2017, where he defeated his teammate Noble Tweedy but finished in seventh the next day. As one of Noble’s most consistent streamers and players, we’re excited to watch him take the next step towards his evolution now that Injustice 2 has hit the FGC!

We’d mentioned Tweedy in the previous paragraph…he too will be in attendance for Combo Breaker to compete in Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2. His arrival to the offline side of the community came during The CommonWealth 2016 and boy did he cause quite a surprise with his Alien. He finished in fifth place and from there on out, all of his enemies were on edge. After his character got hammered with the nerfs, Tweedy made a switch to Possessed Kenshi and continued to evolve as a player. His matches with Noble Dragon were among the most popular match-ups to witness in the Kombat Cup Seasons 1 and 2, a sign of the fruits of his training he’d received from his Noble family. Since his appearance at The CommonWealth, he became a regular sighting in Top 8s for the Kombat Cup and Final Round XX. Like Dragon, he never took his gameplay to a competitive level in the first Injustice game, yet he’s already qualified as a finalist for tomorrow’s Top 8 in War of the Gods! Expect to see this Kryptonian monster making waves in NRS’s latest DC fighter this weekend.

Rounding off Noble’s roster for Combo Breaker is Noble Vagabond, a Necalli specialist who’d recently made waves at Premier Events for the Capcom Pro Tour including NorCal Regionals and DreamHack Austin. He is the sole player who will be competing in just one game for Illinois’s upcoming FGC major, and that is Street Fighter V. He’s collected scalps from players like Daigo Umehara and Splyce Fchamp, making him a threat on everyone’s radar. He’s already collected some points to give him a standing on the CPT Global Leaderboards, but since Combo Breaker is a Premier Event, he’ll be competing for a spot in this year’s Capcom Cup in December. It’s been confirmed that about 650 players have signed up for Street Fighter this year, so he’s going to have a lengthy road to walk, but we’ll be rooting for him!

If you’d like to check out Combo Breaker when it happens, visit their website to find a schedule as well as a chart showing which games will be featured on which stream. You can also follow them on for updates.

We’ll be there to support our players as they fight to climb to the top, and we’re hoping to see you there as well! ‘Till then, keep following and our blog to stay in touch with the team!