February 8, 2017

Noble: Glory

The Past

Noble Pro entered the Vainglory competitive scene by acquiring long-standing guild “Wicked” in the Spring season of 2016. Since our entry, we have been fortunate enough to boast some of the top talent in North American Vainglory; sending some of America’s best to the North American LAN Championships in the Spring season. After a Summer spent re-developing our rosters and staff, we entered the Autumn season with a stacked roster of some of the Challenger scene’s strongest rising talent. While we did prove ourselves as one of the strongest Challenger team’s in North America, we could not prevail in conquering the final Evil 8 league slot. After sending a top 8 team to the LAN finals in our first season, and boasting one of the nation’s top challenger squads; we ended our first year in Vainglory with a trail of Noble Glory behind us. To the players, fans, and staff who helped us achieve what we did in our first year, we are extremely grateful, thank you.

Noble identified Vainglory as a potential eSports scene in the Winter of 2015. We spoke with SEMC and a number of people inside the scene were pleasantly surprised with the response we received on wanting to field a team so we did, and made it to LAN almost immediately. We feel it was necessary to build a team rather then come in and purchase high end talent. This game was built on the community so we strive to continue to help build it by utilizing the talent from within. We are extremely excited for this coming season and prove we shouldn’t have been overlooked. – Noble Founder, Recon

The Present

In the midst of the excruciatingly long pre-season period for competitive Vainglory, we are proud to announce our competing roster for the 2017 Spring season. The team of “”, “”, and returning captain “” will be looking to represent Noble Pro in the Spring season of VIS Challenger Series, which qualifies teams to compete for Challenger Battles to fight for an Evil 8 slot.. While this roster may be new, the decorated veterans on the team are anything but.

Yazaru previously represented Major eSports organization “Ardent Gaming” as their laner in their Summer to Autumn Evil 8 reign. Attending several LAN final championships, Yazaru has competed with some of the region’s strongest teams like “Team Solomid” and “Cloud9” on a regular basis, and will do anything it takes to prevail.

While having competed on smaller teams in the more recent seasons, Chrissy is still no stranger to the top talent in Vainglory. Having represented “Hammers Kinetik” in the Winter season championships, Chrissy made strong appearances as the team’s jungler, and ended up placing 5th in the event. Chrissy is coming back into top-tier competitive play stronger than ever, ready to dominate the fold with his newfound allies.

Darrilk, long-standing member of the Noble organization. He is the only remaining member of the Noble team that dominated the challenger scene in the Autumn season. Now he will be be participating one the team’s starting roster, and will likely lead the team to great success through his solid and precise shot-calling abilities in the game. With a cool-head and a cool-personality, Darrilk will be looking to lead Noble to a well-deserved Evil 8 slot this season.

The Future

We believe that our new roster of solid veteran players will be a great way to kick off an exciting 2017 competitive season. With tournaments and events like the Evil 8, PAX, and World Championship spread across the upcoming seasons, we have never been more excited to march on our path to continue our quest for glory. We are again thankful to all supporters of Noble Pro, and are hoping for your continued support in the upcoming season after pre-season ends in early March.

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This article was written by: Alex “W7NGS” Zendejas, Please show him some love on twitter