January 23, 2018

Madden Roster Update Featuring “ImSteveyJ”

We are happy to welcome a new Madden enthusiast to the Noble family – Stephen “ImSteveyJ” Javaruski!

Hailing from Orlando, SteveyJ has been on the sticks against countless pro level Madden players in recent years. As a Seahawks player, he rounded off the 2017 season with a collection of impressive results despite limited opportunities for travel. With esports circuits attaining an increasing level of media coverage via network television, SteveyJ is aiming for higher stakes as we enter into 2018.

SteveyJ’s results include an appearance in the Final 6 for the 2017 Madden ’18 Classic, 2nd Place at Las Vegas’s Madden ’17 Challenger event, a Final 8 appearance in the Austin Madden ’17 Final and the big W at the Madden ’18 Challenger event in Vega. All of these feats were achieved within the span of a single season, a fact that lends evidence to SteveyJ’s increasing level of skill and commitment to the game.

As a look back over his competitive history in Madden, let’s take a glimpse at two of his biggest matches. One features SteveyJ versus Joke, who previously represented Noble Esports before making a transition to Echo Fox, at the Madden ’18 Las Vegas Challenger Event, where SteveyJ ultimately won his qualification into the Madden ’18 Classic Finals.

The other is also a clip taken from the Madden ’18 event in Vegas, with SteveyJ bringing the Seattle Seahawks against Shiftgodcole’s Atlanta Falcons.

We wish all the best to SteveyJ as we embark on a new chapter in esports! Please follow his Twitter account () as well as our own () to stay updated on the team’s steps through competitive Madden!