October 8, 2017

Noble prepares for the #WarOfTheGods Season Finale!

Today, tune in at 4 P.M. Eastern Time to watch an immensely stacked bracket for the season finale to StreamMe’s War of the Gods series!

For ten weeks, hundreds of players signed up to acquire league points, which would be the ultimate deciding factor to determine which eight players would proceed to the Season Finale to compete for up to $10,000 in cash prizes. Out of those eight players, Noble is thrilled to announce that exactly 50% of that amount consists of our amazing Injustice 2 players, and up to three of the first matches will showcase their potential!

Leading off the bracket will be Noble Semiij, who finished with an incredible result: 1st place in the rankings with a whopping 1,175 league points! That score came about as a byproduct of winning five consecutive weeks in War of the Gods (that is half of the entire series right there), in addition to placing in every single Top 8 in the other five weeks he did not win. It goes without saying that his consistency has been nigh unshakable, barring the trade in his wins with Echo Fox SonicFox.

Trailing behind Semiij is our EVO champion, Noble Dragon, who finished in third with 475 league points. While he never won a week, he was spotted making multiple appearances in the Grand Finals of a large portion of the circuit. Dragon’s powerful duo of Aquaman and Black Adam sent many opponents fleeing for cover from the destruction left in his wake.

Unfortunately, Dragon must engage in a team kill in the first round by taking on his comrade Noble Tweedy, who also made the cut with 375 league points. As the lone Kryptonian loyalist, he left an explosive impact in the Top 8 brackets he fought his way into. Despite not appearing in finals every week, he has always finished in either the Top 4 or just on the edge of it. It’s also worth noting that, before and after the two joined Noble, Dragon and Tweedy have gone down in history as one of the Kombat Cup’s most popular rivalries since last year. The two have been known to trade wins back and forth, so the question now becomes, who will take the fall first?

Last but most certainly not least, Noble iLuusions’s relentless work ethic has pushed him up to fourth place in the War of the Gods rankings, with only forty less points than Dragon. As such, he will take on Buffalo’s Sub-Zero in the second match tomorrow. Commanding an arsenal of characters including Batman and Green Arrow, Luu’s upbeat attitude and increasing skill level makes him a dangerous threat.

For those following ELEAGUE, Tweedy and Luu will also be present at their Last Chance Qualifier in two Saturdays from now to make it into the World Championship! Dragon and Semiij have already made it in via placing Top 8 at the Injustice 2 Pro Series finals. Who’s ready to see the number of Nobles at ELEAGUE rise from two to four?!

Back to War of the Gods. See below for the finale’s official bracket to learn about who will take on who!

The action goes down today at www.stream.me/war. Make sure to follow the channel and have email notifications enabled so you don’t miss out!

We wish our four champions the best of luck! Make sure to follow our blog and for updates. 🙂