August 21, 2017

Noble Says Farewell

It is with sadness that Noble parts ways with a portion of its roster
as we head into the later half of esports for 2017.

BeyondToxin joined with the team in the early half of 2016 while competing for his spot in the Season 3 Finals of the ESL MKX Pro League. Additionally, his astounding work ethic led him to become one of Florida’s most notable players in the NRS scene. Mortal Kombat X was the game that marked Toxin’s entry into not just NRS games, but the FGC in general. After two long years, he ended his MKX career as one of the strongest Ermac players ever known. He has since moved on to Injustice 2 as a Scarecrow specialist, and his commitment led him to a commendable 17th place at an approximate 900-man bracket for Injustice 2 at Evolution 2017.

Noble has been awed by Toxin’s passion as well as his outgoing attitude in the FGC, especially when he takes the time to share his sessions with his fellow gamers via Twitch. Although he decided to part ways with Noble, he will be missed, we are confident that he will continue to have a bright future as an enthusiast for fighting games.

Next, if you’ve browsed through our website recently, you may have noticed the absence of our Smash 4 division under the Teams tab. While we are amazed by the constant growth of the Smash community since Melee’s return to EVO four years ago, we have reached the decision to close down our Smash 4 division. Obviously, this causes another shift in our roster.

Two more of Noble’s finest, Manny and Ryo, are joining Toxin in his departure from the team. Both have demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for competitive Smash 4 since their entry into the team. Their summer adventures to CEO 2017 and EVO 2017 exploded with memories of amazing matches that will be forever etched into the minds of those present at both occasions. Notable results include Manny’s 13th place finish at EVO 2017 and Ryo’s 25th place finish at CEO, with the brackets at both events ranging from 600 players to as high as 1,500. We thank them for their time with us and wish them well in their future endeavors.

But although our time in Smash 4 has come to an end, our other two Smashers are prepared to take on new challenges. Noble Sol will enter into a new division created for ARMS, one of Nintendo’s biggest esports titles that hit the Nintendo Switch this year. As for Noble Hackoru, he will remain with the crew as a streamer. You can follow him at to enjoy his broadcasts.

Finally, Nightmare2450 has relinquished Noble’s colors. He was regularly spotted competing alongside Noble Vagabond, his fellow Necalli specialist, at countless Street Fighter V events brought to you by the Capcom Pro Tour. Like most of our team, he’s displayed an enthusiasm for streaming and sharing his knowledge with the viewers since his entry into the team. His approach to teamwork and persistence has set a strong example for those inside and outside of Noble to follow, and we will definitely miss him.

From all of us at Noble, we thank these four players for representing the crown not just with skill, but with their contributions and personalities as well. The team believes strongly in the concept of bettering oneself by utilizing principles that can be applied in all works of life, whether that involves competitive gaming or an entirely different challenge. Without a doubt, these members have displayed these principles very well.

As we advance towards the future, Noble continues to expand on its plans to evolve as an organization. Please make sure to follow our to stay updated.