September 11, 2016

Noble signs UlverBlueriver for South American Expansion

Noble e-Sports, LLC is pleased to announce we have acquired the talents of Chili’s #1 MKXL player and major contender in a number of other FGC titles, UlverBlueriver for our expansion into the South American market space.

“We have been speaking with UlverBlueriver for some time and feel his talents and professionalism is something that would be great assets to use as we expand into a different market space then we have been used to since Noble inception” Stated Noble_Recon, Founder of Noble “We will be utilizing his skills to promote Noble in South America and be bringing him to compete in some tournaments in the states int he near future”

Mattias “UlverBlueriver” Riquelme had this to say “This is an amazing experience for me to represent my country on a larger stage, with Noble they have many great fighters and I’m glad to be apart of the team and show what I can do.”

UlverBlueriver has had some amazing placing over the last 2 years in competitive play:

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Insert Coin Tournament: 1st Place
Drinks & Fights Tournament: 1st Place
National League Chile Injustice: 2nd Place
Meliblipas Tournament: 3rd Place

Mortal Kombat XL

EVOLUTION 2016: 25th
Video Games Masters Tournament: 1st Place and Ticket to EVO 2016
Xtreme Battle Tournament “The beginning”: 1st Place
CKAI TEAM Tournament “Road to Argentina”: 1st Place
National Tournament Chile Mortal Kombat XL: 1st Place
CrossFire Tournament “Round 3” April 2016: 1st Place
Game Over Tournament Series Mortal Kombat XL: 1st Place
Master Challenge Santigo Qualifiers to ESL 2016: 2nd Place
Crossfire Tournament “Round 2” March 2016: 2nd Place
Karma Tournament Series June 2015: 3rd Place
Master Challenge Santiago: 3rd Place
Battle in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Mortal Kombat X: 3rd Place
ESL Pro League Mortal Kombat XL LATAM: 3rd Place
Festigame Fanta 2015 Mortal Kombat XL: 3rd Place
Major Tournament Festigame Fanta 2015 Qualifiers: 3rd Place
ComiCon Santiago Chile 2015: 3rd Place
National TournamenT Mortal Kombat X 2015: 3rd Place
First Major South America Tournament Mortal Kombat X: 5th Place


Look for him at upcoming major tournaments, we will be sharing his triumphs with the Noble fan base as they come!