October 3, 2017

Noble welcomes MoNsTcR and Shurimawizard

We’re happy to announce two new additions to Noble’s H1Z1 King of the Hill division: MoNsTcR and Shurimawizard!

Both players have left quite an impression on their opponents throughout a collection of tournaments. In Shurimawizard’s case, he qualified for an H1Z1 Fight For The Crown championship where he also participated in many post-tournament matches. His interest in the game was sparked by his observation of his friend Trick2G, at which point he decided to take his H1Z1 skills to a competitive level.

As for MoNsTcR a.k.a. Chance Duncan, he’d previously qualified for the H1Z1 Elite Series at DreamHack Atlanta, where he was representing Team Allegiance. He made his way into the Group A Qualifiers, where he finished with a result that propelled him into the Top 20 for the league rankings. Originally from a competitive background for Halo 5, he’d observed his friend Ninja playing H1Z1 and found himself taking an interest in the game, similar to how Shurimawizard made his entrance.

For a look at MoNsTcR’s results from DreamHack Atlanta’s H1Z1 event, hit up this link.

Having observed their results for some time now, Team Noble recognizes their work ethics and their resounding character in the esports world. We have not a shred of a doubt that they will bring pride to the golden crown!

Please be sure to give them a follow at their Twitter accounts, as well as our own, to stay updated.