June 2, 2017

Noble welcomes Semiij

We cannot express how excited we are to welcome a new addition and expanding the family – Noble Semiij! Those of you who follow competitive NRS games may recognize this young warrior who ascended to godhood in the later phase of Mortal Kombat XL. He quickly adjusted to the new environment from Injustice 2 the second it dropped, as proven by his first Top 8 finish in StreamMe’s War of the Gods.

Semiij found his calling as a competitor in Mortal Kombat X by primarily playing online, but as tournaments continued to evolve, he eventually found the window of opportunity and took it, bringing his Mileena to numerous Top 8s at offline majors such as Kumite in Tennessee, CEO, Final Round and so on. He’s evolved so much that when the Kombat Cup rolled around, he established himself as one of the few players able to compete with and even eliminate Echo Fox SonicFox, who recently claimed victory at Combo Breaker 2017 for a multitude of games including Injustice 2.

Semiij is a young man who lets his skills do the talking instead of his words, and we at Noble recognize the constant training he’s undergone to become the player he is today. As he’s also had memorable encounters with our players such as Dragon, Tweedy and iLuusions to name a few, it seems only fitting that we welcome him into the fold.

As he so happens to be a Floridian, he will make his debut as a Noble player at Orlando’s yearly major event, CEO 2017. We are thrilled to be a part of his quest for self-perfection!

Please make sure to follow Semiij at and show him your support. 🙂