July 24, 2017

Noble welcomes Starlight!

We’re happy to welcome Tyler “Starlight” Whitaker, champion-level player for Brawlhalla Doubles!

At the young age of nineteen, his competitive career launched in 2016. While he is recognized for his mastery of Doubles, Starlight also holds his own in one-on-one combat when it comes to Brawlhalla. His winnings currently add up to over $12,000 from as many as thirty-six tournaments, many of which he has either won or finished as the runner-up.

After his first victory at BCS Week 8, he placed second at a variety of tournaments including Final Round 19/20. Eight days later, he finished in seventh place at the 2016 World Championship for Brawlhalla. However, to compensate for this result, he came in first for Doubles at the championship, earning himself $7,500 in the process. Since that achievement, he has gone on to be crowned champion at a collection of events in 2017, such as the BCS Spring Showdown, the Spring Championship and CEO Dreamland.

In addition to his competitive career as a gamer, Starlight majors in animation and enjoys soccer, volleyball and voice acting.

For an idea of the level of gameplay to expect from Starlight, check out this clip of the 2016 Brawlhalla World Championship for Doubles…

As a result of his signing, Noble Starlight will join Roderick “Astronaut” Wilson in the team’s Brawlhalla division. Like his teammate, Astronaut has an affinity for Doubles. His career launched early this year with a second place finish at a doubles bracket at the Brawl League Open Cup in February. He’s been a regular sighting in the Top 2 throughout the course of this year, and he eventually found his way to the crown in mid-April by taking CEO Dreamland for Brawlhalla Doubles. A similar accomplishment occurred a month later at the Brawlhalla Spring Championship, where thousands of players competed for league points and cash prizes.

Both players can be spotted in a collection of events that form the Brawlhalla Circuit, a league with the goal of deciding upon the world’s best thirty-two players to be invited to this year’s World Championship in Atlanta. There, the elites will compete to earn portions of a $100,000 prize pool.

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