May 12, 2017

Noble welcomes their PUBG eSports crew!

As another step towards the growth of our gaming community, Team Noble welcomes a crew of players competing in the PubG scene: Interrogate, Edakulous, DazFPS and DnBoom!

PubG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online survival multiplayer game developed by Bluehole Studio. The title takes a massively unique approach to the competitive shooting genre. Players compete in a battle royale by navigating across expansive maps using an arsenal of weapons and traveling gear. Content is distributed almost daily and the developers maintain close contact with their community via social media.

As you might expect, the crew of four comes to the PubG eSports scene with plenty of experience in shooting games under their belt. In the case of Interrogate, he’s delved in Counter Strike 1.6, Source and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. He’s competed at an elite level for a league called ESEA, which features a $1,500,000 league for Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2. The adrenaline he experiences from always playing with his senses on edge is what keeps him attracted to the FPS genre, enough to create one of the most solid squads for Battlefield 3.

“The FPS genre has always been something I’ve loved,” Interrogate explained. “I love the adrenaline rush of being in clutch situations and high pressure matches. You can expect me to be playing in any and all PUBG tournaments and events. Excited to jump right into the PUBG esports scene and dominate the with Noble.”

Also joining Interrogate is Edakulous, ranked as a cal-m/p for several seasons in CS 1.6. He also boasts an S rank for multiple top teams in Natural Selection 2, led the top agency in Global Agenda, ascended to elite status in Infestation Survival Stories and placed within the Top 100 in Overwatch, which is currently one of the hottest titles in competitive eSports.

Third in line is DaZFPS, the only European in this four-man crew. He too comes from a background of competitive shooting games. His specialty once surrounded H1Z1 but it changed over to Battlegrounds Alpha the moment it released to the public. He became the first player to ascend to the highest rank possible, but eventually that status was won from him by the player who would complete Noble’s PubG team: DnBoom.

After their first encounter, DaZFPS and DnBoom sparred repeatedly and eventually became friends. Eventually a tag mode was added to Battlegrounds Alpha and the two immediately clicked as a team, dominating all other combinations of players that dared to challenge them. With PubG esports on the rise, they plan to move on to the next stage in their journey to refine their talents.

We’re extremely excited to welcome them to our family and we wish them the best of luck going forward this year! Please give all four players a follow at their Twitters listed below to stay updated.