October 3, 2015

Noble WoT Win NA Season 1!

It all came down to this! After a extremely exciting season, the WoT (10-3) team faced their toughest challenge yet (11-2) at a live LAN finals in Burbank, CA.  The finals were based on a best of 3 sets, with a race to 5 in each set that would determine the North American Season 2015-2016 Champions.  8,000+ viewers watched in anticipation via BattleViewer.com as the matches took place.

Noble WoT took an early lead and swept HWC 5-0 in the first set, in commanding fashion.

With a momentum shift after the first game Noble WoT fell in the second set to HWC 2-5 tying the series 1-1

Refocusing themselves, and trying some very risky, but worth while maneuvers Noble WoT were eventually able to seal the victory against HWC 5-2 to end the sets 2-1, and with that being crowned the Season 1 2015-2016 North American Champions! Taking home $75,000.00 and Brand new Alienware PC’s.


Be sure to follow the continued action as the Noble WoT team will be playing in Tokyo, Japan in November representing North America in the World Finals!  Want to keep up with the team as they continue onto World Domination?  Give them all a follow them all below:

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