March 18, 2016

Noble’s Journey into Xbox One Smite Begins!

As the e-Sports scene move and splinter into different areas so do many of the organizations that support the teams that play. Noble is one of those organizations. Noble took it’s first steps in Smite last year with a challenger team that had some great success within the season moving into playoffs and were the favorites to move up into the SPL for Season 2. Unfortunately they were not able to move forward and the team went on hiatus. After a few months they are back.. but on a different platform. Noble is pleased to announce we will be competing in SMITE Xbox One qualifiers this weekend in the hopes to make the Season 3 SPL.

Starting with Season 3, the SMITE Pro League (SPL) will support an additional tournament league for SMITE players on Xbox One. This will bring the best of the best SMITE Xbox One players together in the Battleground of the Gods, where they will compete in a series of tournaments throughout the year, and ultimately determine who will attend the SMITE Xbox One World Championship in 2017.

In the Spring, a six-week Xbox One SPL Qualifier Cup series starting on Saturday, March 19th will begin. Europe will be played on Saturdays while North America will be played on Sundays. Teams will accumulate points over the course of the series, with the top teams from each region being invited to participate in the Summer Xbox One SPL. The matches will be streamed via starting at 3pm est

The team consist of some extremely familiar faces:

Lou –   Twitch

Yoyo –  Twitch

BKHaste –  Twitch

Junipera –   Twitch

Blacksye –

Let’s show these guys (and gal) some support this weekend as the compete for a top spot within Season 3 and hopefully SWC 2017! #StayNoble